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  1. out of curiosity...i clicked on iw3sp.exe file that was in the steamapps/common/call of duty world at war folder and got an error message stating "mss32.dll" was not found. What relevance might this have?
  2. When I try to enter profile name, existing or new one, it just ignores what I entered and asks again if I want to create one. Vicious circle to no where. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for feedback.... Game indicates it is version 17.1263..... Went to Stream and validated files..... says all is good. Still unable to create on line profile. Also indicates offline...not able to connect. PC has no issues connecting with ISP.
  4. Decided to re-install World at War. Lost old cd's so purchased it off of Steam Install seemed fine. Went to create On-line profile and it would not accept SgtWacky. Same profile I've been using for all my games. Also..... likely related..... it will not allow me to connect on-line. Game indicates it is version 17.1263. If memory recalls....this may be an issue. Any help would be appreciated....thanks
  5. Sgt Wacky

    he does really nice work....very talented.....
  6. Sgt Wacky

    I looking to purchase a 3 axis CNC machine.... Anyone have experience with these ...both good and bad feedback welcome?
  7. Sgt Wacky

    no one showed up....
  8. Sgt Wacky

    As someone who has had 11 knee operations between both knees and full replacement twice on my right knee.....with the left knee being scheduled as we speak.... I definitely know the experiences you are going through. Time is the healer. You can't rush it. You shouldn't compare yourself to others who have had it done to determine if you are progressing well or not. Everyone is different. The pain sucks...period.... but overtime it does get better. Key things that helped me in my recoveries were: 1)Elevate knee above the horizontal.....if you don't the blood flows downwards and the knee/leg will throb more. 2)ICE the knee religiously. Icing will significantly reduce the swelling and corresponding reduce the pain. Ice packs are good. CryoCuff, (google it), is even better. If you're able, and it is the absolute best way to address the swelling....google GameReady. These devices I have used for a number of my surgeries they are excellent. These devices are used by a lot of pro sports teams. It isn't magic, and it is not the most pleasant thing to use but it is highly effective in managing the recovery of the knee. You can rent them...... 3)Drink lots of fluids but stay away from the sugary types. Hydrating yourself is very important. The downside to this is you will need to get off the couch to go pee and it is painful to get there and back to the washroom. 4)Increase your fibre. Don't laugh unless you've been there and understand what I'm saying. Pains med typically are not nice to the digestive system. 5)When you are not icing or sleeping...get off your butt and walk. Yes it will hurt to the point you want to scream and yes there were times I definitely had tears in my eyes.....but you need to get up and moving. Start with using the walker. Then crutches after a few weeks. Then graduate to using a cane. It will be your best friend from many a weeks. Forget about moving fast...stay in the slow lane!!! Oh ya.....remember to lift your leg when walking cause it hurts like hell when you forget to and it drags or hits something. I definite cussed more then a few times when I didn't stay focused on the mechanics of how to walk. 6)DO YOU EXERCISES multiple times a day. Yes it is not pleasant. Yes it will hurt until you want to cry....but do them. Always make sure you take your pain meds before doing the workout. Don't try top be the hero. From experience the less you do your exercises and walking the longer the recovery period will be...... The days can be long and rest assured.....the nights can seem much longer especially when you are in pain......you will get through it. Set some simple goals each day to focus on that are not related to the knee. This will help the mental recovery part of the process. Hope this helps and let you know you are not the first to go through it.... and you will get better. Cheers!
  9. Sgt Wacky

    re-downloaded 1w3mp.exe and we are good to go thanks all for your help
  10. Sgt Wacky

    ok...so I found an old posting saying check Input Devices to ensure Stereo Mix was enabled. Well mine was disabled for some reason....I enabled it. Able to start game but once I got to selecting server it indicates it is 1.7 not the 1.8 version I now have. How do I fix this?
  11. Sgt Wacky

    found file.... tried and no luck...grrr
  12. Sgt Wacky

    where would I find the existing iw3mp.exe file?
  13. Any suggestions on how to fix...... Window 10 Home addition upgrade processed this morning and now unable to launch COD 4. Can launch COD 4 software and select multiplayer then it just exits the game. Thanks
  14. Sgt Wacky

  15. Sgt Wacky

    Thanks for your follow-up and comments. It appears that the issue was associated with "Sync every frame" setting in COD 4. I changed the setting to "no" and am now getting significantly higher fps. I will test setting my fps to 333 as well to see if it helps further. Cheers!
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