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  2. Sgt Wacky

    Thanks for your follow-up and comments. It appears that the issue was associated with "Sync every frame" setting in COD 4. I changed the setting to "no" and am now getting significantly higher fps. I will test setting my fps to 333 as well to see if it helps further. Cheers!
  3. Sgt Wacky

    something went funky when I tried to cut/paste specs...here they are: 8 core processor Intel i7-9700k memory 16 gb (2 x 8 gb) DDR4 2666 MHZ Motherboard GIGABIT Z390 UD SSD Lexar PCIe M.2 480 GB Video GeForce RTX 2080 Windforce 8 GB GDDR6 Power 750 w HD WD 4 TB 5400 rpm Windows 10 COD 4 primary game.... Did I miss anything?
  4. Sgt Wacky

  5. Sgt Wacky

    Monitor is 27 inches....Samsung Resolution 1920 x 1080 in windows 10 display setup with Fixed scaling On". I change game to same and will monitor impact. Game set at 75 Hz. not sure of impact this has...... FPS is 60 +/- and 16.0 cg ms/frame Thoughts?
  6. Sgt Wacky

    Purchased new pc with Geoforce rtx 2080 video card. Also running I7-9700 processor In game graphics are awesome when not moving. I can actually see the opponents for a change. When I am moving around the image is shaky/blurry and difficult to focus. This means it is extremely hard to shoot or sight to shoot. Totally sucks and makes game play not worth the time of day. Ping is typically in the 60-70 range. Any suggestions as to possible setting changes or where to go to improve the situation. Cheers!
  7. Sgt Wacky

    Thank you for everyone's feedback and help. I changed the exe file as suggested and now the game works. Now hopefully, with the new computer, my game play will be better........ Cheers!
  8. Sgt Wacky

    Thanks for the PB legacy files. I am able to get into multiplayer now but unable to get servers to list. I made sure it was on Internet setting. I have a good internet connection. I read something about the servercache.dat file Is this the problem?
  9. Bought new PC...download COD 4 from Steam. When starting game for first time looks like it tried to install Punkbuster but it failed. Am able to play Single player. Click on Multiplayer option and screen just goes blank. Researched issue and it appears COD 4 Multiplayer requires PB to run.....is this correct? Where do i find "right" version of PB to run COD 4 Multiplayer? Appreciate any help..... Cheers!
  10. Sgt Wacky    You still alive  ?lol  Its been awhile 


  11. Thanks for feedback. Found that for some reason the Input Device for Stereo Mix had been disabled. Once I enabled it everything was fine. Go figure???? Hope this may help someone else should the same problem occur. Cheers
  12. Windows 10 just did update and now I am unable to run COD 4. All other COD games are fine. The desktop shortcut appears to be going to correct drive and folder. There is a iw3mp.exe file present 3252 kb After attempting to connect a file iw3mp.exe is in the folder with 1 kb. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  13. Sgt Wacky

    guess this was a bust...no one showed up at 3 nor at 8. Disappointing...
  14. Sgt Wacky

    that worked Dee...thank you!
  15. Sgt Wacky

    I have always launched the game from my hard drive.... with a short cut on my desktop. I tried going directly to Activision folder and iw3mp.exe file and tried launching it from there but get same result....pop-up asks if I want to open in safe mode. I tried both options of yes and no but outcome was the same...screen goes to COD 4 screen...pauses and closes. It clearly is looking for a file and I guess doesn't find it and closes. I wonder what file it is looking for...any ideas?
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