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  1. Sgt Wacky

    that worked Dee...thank you!
  2. Sgt Wacky

    I have always launched the game from my hard drive.... with a short cut on my desktop. I tried going directly to Activision folder and iw3mp.exe file and tried launching it from there but get same result....pop-up asks if I want to open in safe mode. I tried both options of yes and no but outcome was the same...screen goes to COD 4 screen...pauses and closes. It clearly is looking for a file and I guess doesn't find it and closes. I wonder what file it is looking for...any ideas?
  3. Sgt Wacky

    Thanks for feedback. I don't run the program through Steam. any other suggestions?
  4. Just had a windows 10 update..... Tried to start COD 4 and seems fine, logo comes up and then nothing. Just exits. Could it be an iw3mp.exe issue? Rest of applications on PC seem fine. Appreciate any help you can give... Cheers
  5. Sgt Wacky

    I'm with Harry on this. I suppose it is much like utilizing the mute function in the game when the conversation or individual becomes annoying...I/we could just stop looking at the forums if the content is not of ones liking. That too is a matter of choice. We are extremely fortunate that we, as members and perhaps non-member, have the ability to express ones self in a way that is perhaps offensive or not so much to others. Given the alternative I support ones rights to speak freely even when I believe it is offensive or vulgar or perhaps even sometimes informative. The decision is mine to act in the way I am most comfortable with without restricting others their right to act as they do. However, do not cross the line towards personal attacks or criticisms as this then is 100% unacceptable. Respect others at all times. Just my perspective.
  6. Cant get into WoW freezetag server because of key authorization faliure. Any suggestions... been playing it for years and this is first time got this issue

  7. tried both of the suggests and made changes and still get error...any suggestions?
  8. Sgt Wacky

    Hmmmm wonder how long we will continue to defend and find excuses for someone who acts inappropriate.....
  9. Sgt Wacky

    that's comforting as not only did I think I was wacky but an idiot too... now I few better
  10. Sgt Wacky

    so now that I'm in, how do i utilize this ability to get on the server when it is full?
  11. Sgt Wacky

    I'm in the group please add me...thanks
  12. Sgt Wacky

    what server is Not ours?
  13. Sgt Wacky

    just need to confirm the ix server... Are these the right ones to play on?
  14. Sgt Wacky

    pretty unimpressed with game. weapons have too much recoil and dont shoot worth a crap. find it hard to differentiate friendly verse enemy..... easy to team kill never see any xi folks in game... usually bunch of dribbling yahoos swearing and self loathing. Clearly a different game......very disappointed based on reviews of others. Looked for xi in teamspeak ..like other games no one there. wtf is the point of it then bitch of a day... time for a drink I guess. So much for playing something else. Frig
  15. Sgt Wacky

    hang tough there...had 7 knee surgeries and still getting around ok. Take your time and you will be fine!
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