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  1. Marskeman

    Well guys finally cracked it. I uninstalled the driver and used windows driver then the game crashed differently so thought may be the graphics driver even though I had the latest. So updated again changed it win 7 compatibility mode (that I've used before) but the thing I've never clicked on is the 'disable full-screen optimisation' and hey presto. I'm sure i've never had that checked in the past and I don't know why the game started to crash and lock up my computer. But stable so far. Thank you everyone for your help really appreciate it.
  2. Marskeman

    No dont have hlsw this happened a couple of weeks ago before the windows update.
  3. Marskeman

    I have all the maps downloaded. It’s nearly always jumped to desktop then into the map to be honest don’t know if that’s normal but it always works until it didn’t. I’ve uninstalled my AV still same.
  4. Marskeman

    So its not that then, every time I launch a DM map or any other map that didnt come with the game it crashes to the desk top while the game is still on, I have to sign out and back in again to close the game. As you can see I have the mods in the folder.
  5. Marskeman

    Where it says Mods At the bottom of the menu then it shows a list in a box but mine is empty. It’s got launch at the bottom. Should that not list the mods I have in my folder.
  6. Marskeman

    Mine is from a dvd and looks like that. I did delete the mods and the game redownloded the ace mod but still is not listed in the game. This is really weird
  7. Marskeman

    yep thats what Ive got
  8. Marskeman

    Ok I deleted the mods then went on a DM map and downloaded the ace mod but still no mods in my list in the game and still crashes to desktop 😤
  9. Marskeman

    Ok I’ve deleted the game mods and it’s now downloading the ace mod , very slow though. Hopefully that will fix it.
  10. Marskeman

    Yes my profile is what I've been using for many year, I always have a back up of my profile. Where should my mods folder be in my profile or my CoDWaW folder
  11. Marskeman

    Just found another mods folder in my profile thats full of allsorts, is that correct
  12. Marskeman

    I have 3 mods in my mods folder ace, openwarfare and spain at war, why are they not coming up in the game
  13. Marskeman

    Hi all downloads are allowed. Everytime I go on a DM server it crashes to my desktop and cant do anything I have to sign out of computer to close the game. There is no ACE MOD that must be the issue. How do I install the mod?
  14. Marskeman

    Ive have no MODS on the list
  15. Marskeman

    Hi thank you for your feedback. The game now only crashes to the desktop when i've selected a map that is not original map. I can play the original maps ok. When it went tits up the game was very unstable and crashing in the menu of the game.



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