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  1. Have a great time, make sure you travel outside of the US to see the best of this world
  2. Marskeman

    He killed me way too many times, and I really really hate maps like that.
  3. Marskeman

    Thank you guys
  4. Marskeman

    Are you a fan, the latest one was a bit scary my 7 yr old freaked out had to stop it.
  5. Marskeman

    no thats all done in Cardiff Wales
  6. Its been great fun, its always a balancing act with wife kids job and now Netflix. lol 20 posts harray
  7. Marskeman

    I dont know why but I really like when your the size of a mouse running around a room type maps. I ve never seen one when you're outside the size of a mouse that would be cool, on a popular map but small.
  8. there seems to be less glitches in the maps lately, which it good.
  9. Marskeman

    Does anyone have HD technicolour dreams of shooting game style. Not real world/people but dreaming you're in the game with graphics.
  10. Marskeman

  11. I know tanks are are annoying but when I dont do something for years I forget. Am I at 20 yet.
  12. Marskeman

    I work as a Lighting cameraman for BBC in Salford
  13. Marskeman

    Marksman so its a race
  14. Im going to be updating my computer soon and from my last experience of reinstalling WAW it was a pain in the ass, updating all the updates I think it took my half a day. Is there an updated way of just installing the latest version straight away and not use my game disk