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  1. Syckle

    ive done my last three myself
  2. Syckle

    thanks guys, had a great day!!
  3. just want to back up a bit and say thank you to sammy for all his work. i understand how hard you worked ALONE ON THIS . i just didnt want the old version to go bye bye, i like it. wasnt trying to dump on the new mod ,,,, i just have no interest in playing it ' so thank you i know you have a full time job and doing this is not it,\\ syckle
  4. please just put 146b back up
  5. some of you might like this mod ... so i understand you putting it on a server , but wehy di you remove the 146b server? in my opinion the new server sucks nad i was perfectly happy with the old mod , it should still be up for the people who dont like the new mod, it is glitchy seems to be easier to rewrite , see-ing as i am getting shot through the entire map as soon as i spawn, the hit markers are waaay off! and seem to be ever more freindly to high pingers than the last mod!!! and why the fuck would you fuck with the emp's???!!?
  6. Syckle

    good luck toes!!
  7. Syckle

    happy birthday!!!
  8. Syckle

    Happy Birthday Pete!!
  9. Syckle

    where did the pics go?
  10. Syckle

    i had a blast!!!! great to finally meet you guys!!!
  11. Syckle

    happy birthday!!!!! belated
  12. Syckle

    happy birthday!!!!!
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