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  1. May her Memory be Eternal... my Condolences..
  2. Thanks all great to be onboard with a great bunch of people on here... Thanks for accepting me
  3. Ok Killhouse same issue so i don't trust downloading any files from the net. If anyone can help with this as well, same error so i'm guessing i need the zone folder files.
  4. I think some how i am missing stock maps, i somehow must have stuffed up my transfer in zone /english folder. As i no longer have any cd access I just backed up the cod4 folder in applications (Mac) and transferred to current Mac.. I have never had a hash error and hopefully wont as all my files where original until now when I downloaded carentan files, but if i do i will get back to you all, to see how to repair.. Chinatown worked without a issue but will wait until map rotations to see how we go with the rest and will update you all. Cheers Guys thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks LoaderXI the downloaded fill did the job.. i was missing mp_carentan.ff file. and your right i don't have mp_carentan_load file either in zone folder, so I'm guessing I going to need that as well or I will have issues down the road.. Don't know how there not there, must have been when transferring between mac.. And thanks to everyone who gave me advice and help. Cheers George
  6. Thanks I just downloaded it, interesting my zone folder doesn't have carentan in it, i just put downloaded one in there see how we go.
  7. Hey Snuller good to put a face to the name
  8. The maps are not in my usermaps folder, so don't know how its getting this error.
  9. Good Idea didn't think of that will do it.... Thanks for that will let you know how i go..
  10. Hi guys wondering if anyone can help with certain maps.. Every time a map that shows up with MPUI_(Mapname) i get following error mp_(mapname).ff different from server error This only happens when map starts with MPUI I use a Imac 2013 for cod4. Version Number on game is 1.7.549 I have downloaded maps again same error.. Any help would be appreciated as i have to wait until next map rotation to play a game hoping no MPUI maps comes up. Cheers George
  11. Cheers Roxy, glad to be onboard..
  12. I work at the MCG casual and get to watch alot of Cricket, T20 is awesome, but i still prefer traditional 5 day test, this year the ashes are on.
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