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  1. Wardogs411

    prayers to him and the family.
  2. Wardogs411

    yeah ok, and yeah i know about the suggestions, i watched a few with pink.
  3. Wardogs411

    xd yeah people don't like that map btw pengu, are the map groups random or do they change from time to time ?
  4. Wardogs411

    been running 10 since it came out, doing all the updates once every 3 months, haven't had a single issue with my pc.
  5. Wardogs411

    there's a game server list online normally, but forgot the actual link, just look up cod4 servers.
  6. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 We will miss you Dadda, we had fun at XI fest brussels hanging out with the boys having drinks and food. We had an awesome time and i'm glad i was there to spend it with you. My deepest condolences @sandradee2, i'm there with you, and dadda will always be in our memory, Great guy and great husband and father. You will be deerly missed here.
  7. Wardogs411

    amsterdam is fine for me to. I can drive there only 2hours drive.
  8. Wardogs411

    is that anything new then ? 🙂
  9. Wardogs411

    played it a few years ago when it came out. not really my type of game tbh.
  10. Wardogs411

    yes thats correct
  11. happy bday pete 😛

  12. Wardogs411

    don't worry we will win this anyway doesn't matter how much people cod4 team gets even if where short no way cod5 team will win hehe
  13. Wardogs411

    i'll try to be there, not 100% sure if i'm available that weekend.
  14. Wardogs411

    i'll join cod4 team
  15. Wardogs411

    u can borrow me if u want athena don't u agree @FunkJosh>XI<
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