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  1. Wardogs411

    why did we go offtopic again ? there's a code fo the computercraft system for reactors. if anyone wants that i can post it here
  2. Wardogs411

    sadly i won't make it to barcelona this year, mostly just because of the money ? bought a new house and car so money bank is empty.
  3. Wardogs411

    nice goodluck i'll post some ideas for sniper tournaments on cod4 to u then this week
  4. Wardogs411

    good another staff member i can snipe hahah
  5. Wardogs411

    happy bday, where all getting older
  6. Wardogs411

    Just to inform players from XI aswell, if u make a base, and u don't wanna get raided by XI members, place a sign Saying Rustic on ur base. This way we know u are part of XI and we can leave those bases alone. If this is not done, then there are no excuses if we pass by a base and raid it, because we will.
  7. Wardogs411

    she only grows it
  8. Wardogs411

    id say salou or Pineda aswell or any of the small areas there, i went there a few years ago, good neighbourhood to go out, lots of pubs and disco's if we wanna party, hotels aint that bad. and price cost, i payed 500$ for a 2 weeks holiday all inclusive.
  9. Wardogs411

    pfff ur a guy with no aim
  10. Wardogs411

    i just joined the game today 3DH6SFARVR9 is my referral link https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021027140/home/ my first game and i won ?
  11. Wardogs411

    bye bye, gl
  12. can i still join in ? will need to reinstall the game tho if i know the date. Also EU here so weekend is best
  13. Wardogs411

    yeah new cod4
  14. Wardogs411

    RIP, great guy, was fun playing and making jokes together in ace mod
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