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  1. Wardogs411

    so i got the screenshots seems my 3rd game has let me submit it. So the first 2 games i have played it didn't even save the highscore in my stats neither considering it went to 0 Edit: 4th game didn't register neither See attached
  2. Wardogs411

    none of the games let me submit highscores. it shows my score then goes to highscore but doesn't register under my name or on the board
  3. Wardogs411

    same here, been playing a few games but none of my scored get uploaded ? when i check my arcade stats it says nothing tho the game itself says i played it a few times. Same on the bubble shooter one, i get trough first level, score comes on screen i click ok and can't play next lvl.
  4. well different guns do different types of damage, thats one of the main things. In the coding a headshot does 150% of the base damage while body is basic 100% Now perks do change that, stopping power reduces dmg taken by 25%, while the armor seems to be a bit bugged and counts full body + head as a extra 75% protection. Me and sharpe use the armor penetration perk which gives us a extra dmg % of 50% on targets. then again like i said it all depends on gun dmg, silencer reduces range and dmg taken by 25%. Some perks do add up while others doesn't, and also as they said. Ping difference is a big deal aswell. Cos i've noticed myself that sometimes hits don't even register when they should have, because ping doesn't register the person there. Even if its only a split second different, it can mean between a kill or being killed.
  5. Wardogs411

    dat is alleen omdat hun zo traag spreken dat we dachten dat hun ook zo traag van begrip gingen zijn. Dus was de moeite niet. brengt niet veel meerwaarde he
  6. Wardogs411

    isn't that already to late ? he just met the biggest one
  7. Wardogs411

    yeah i'll have to go visit my parents to find my baby pictures on the attic lol... i'm only there next week.
  8. Wardogs411

    I thought we decided to kick all those nederlandse boeren (dutch farmers), i mean us from belgium are the real dutchies so. But welcome Outsider, also u should come play on MW2 instead of normal freezetag its less boring and we actually have some skill well except @WldPenguin i mean, its been broken for so long there's not much fixing to be done. and fu @loaderXI just cos i can
  9. Wardogs411

    no thats the older version. @KaptCrunchnah i had an already extended warranty of 2 extra years since my fans broke after the first 2 years. But that warranty ended 4 years ago. I mean 8 years for a laptop is already pretty good. sadly they are so expensive to xd
  10. Wardogs411

    nothing flickers it won't even start up so i've asked acer itself and send it over for a checkup, reply i got was bios/motherboard and both fans got fried. so game over for me. Repair cost would be 1500$ so for 500$ more i got a new I7 12th gen with a gtx 3070. while my old pc was a I7 gen 8 with gtx 970 so better to just save up for a new one
  11. Wardogs411

    tx boom but dw i'll try to work it out. saved up 80$ so far only 1920 to go xd
  12. Wardogs411

    sadly ticket from europe to US are like 800 back and return xd so yeah sadly won't work. but i think i can buy one and let it ship over. looking at around 2K rn for a new gaming pc
  13. Wardogs411

    seems @Fry is happy i won't be shooting his ass every time again
  14. Wardogs411

    https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Predator-Gaming-GTX970M-G9-791-735A/dp/B0161BJG06 Thats the one, but still changing a motherboard would be equal to just buying a new gaming pc. Just gotta save up. Even if there's parts would be to expensive to ship it to europe right. Ill just try to save up for a new one rn but yeah will take some time.
  15. Wardogs411

    its a acer predator 17 laptop. Motherboard got fried... seems one of my fans went malfunctioning and it heated up to much. repair shop said its broken aswell.
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