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  1. Wardogs411

    u can borrow me if u want athena don't u agree @FunkJosh>XI<
  2. Wardogs411

    only good people we need tho 😃
  3. Wardogs411

    guess i'll need to give the COD4 guys a hand here sign me up
  4. Wardogs411

    meh in the end its a game, people call me a hacker every time aswell, and i don't even use those perks xd combat medic, fast reloading, the thing for -1kill for the perks. Still its how people enjoy the game, and just a reminder even without dead silence, 90% of the people just rush in and never check corners, its the reason they die alot. Dead silence isn't even worth calling a hack, its a perk as any other and it gives u totally 0% of advantage over another player.
  5. hi all hope that u all kill kill today lol


  6. Maybe edit Jester his scores, atleast he won't always be in negative K/D then 😛
  7. i'm not even in that list i'll need to shoot ya'll alot more then xd
  8. Wardogs411

    but its not my bday.... thats the 3rd of april. FU QUEEN
  9. Wardogs411

    i think this topic died, unless i don't kill all of u idiots enough :)FU all and hope u have a fun wednesday
  10. Wardogs411

    its hosted on the servers itself no private servers
  11. Wardogs411

    why did we go offtopic again ? there's a code fo the computercraft system for reactors. if anyone wants that i can post it here
  12. Wardogs411

    sadly i won't make it to barcelona this year, mostly just because of the money ? bought a new house and car so money bank is empty.
  13. Wardogs411

    nice goodluck i'll post some ideas for sniper tournaments on cod4 to u then this week
  14. Wardogs411

    good another staff member i can snipe hahah
  15. Wardogs411

    happy bday, where all getting older
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