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  1. Wardogs411

    i'll be reserve if needed ?
  2. Wardogs411

    does look nice no ?
  3. Wardogs411

    lol that copy past xd
  4. Wardogs411

    sure u can have em xd
  5. Wardogs411

    @GhostfaceJim don't you ever have something oinking better to do ? xd
  6. Wardogs411

    still no loinkerboard ? he's sloinking
  7. Wardogs411

    so the more oink the more oink points we got, so if the piggy doesn't oink, does that mean my oink points don't give me oink, oinkerwise i'll have to reoink what i'm aboink to do ?
  8. Wardogs411

    do the oink all have to be oink in the same chat or do the oink have to be in multiple oink messages, otherwise if we oink the spamming oink, we can probably oink this shit.
  9. Wardogs411

    fly over to belgium weednfeed and will stuff you with all the cookies we can.
  10. me last year xd don't have anything from recently haha
  11. Wardogs411

    ask em to take @Icequeen back aswell.
  12. Wardogs411

    because people will be people
  13. Wardogs411

    all i can say is, if i grow that in belgium, id be arrested, everything confiscated and be in jail for the next 10 years
  14. Wardogs411

    i do, i just dont play when the bots don't have enough money hahaha xd i cleaned the bots now for today and last night so i'm happy for now.



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