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    Now you just need to try it a million more times so you can get another clip!
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    I currently live in west TN, and have my whole life. Can't remember exactly what my names were back then to be quite honest. COD4 was one of my first PC games (was originally an xbox player) and I think I was obsessed with the fact that you could change your IGN in the settings whenever you wanted so I used a lot of different ones
  4. decoldest

    I've been a frequent flyer in the cod4 MW2 freeze tag server recently, so I wanted to stop in and properly introduce myself. IGN: decoldest I'm from Tennessee and am 22 years old. I recently graduated college and have joined the ranks of corporate America in the accounting/finance industry. Outside of work and video games I enjoy spending time with my family and girlfriend, reading, playing tennis, fitness, and sitting in my hammock at the park. I used to play on your server occasionally back when I was a wee lad (probably 11 or 12???). I took a several year hiatus from gaming until not too long ago, and I couldn't help myself so I came back to my favorite game of all time: cod4. It warmed my heart to find that your servers are still thriving, and it has been a true pleasure joining you all again. You can typically find me freeze-tagging on weeknights, or maybe a game or two around lunchtime since I work from home. I am looking forward to freezing you all in the coming days
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