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  1. wasnt expecting an episode of Dad Jokes
  2. more like what do you feed yourself after getting all that?
  3. done ozark, stranger things and mindhunter, heard alot of ray donovan (mostly from howard stearn show) tried a little of master of none. high castle is about alternate end to wwii isnt it? that might be good.
  4. I see the what are you listening to posts. when i am working out of town, i tend to run out of stuff to watch, so just wondering what good shows you guys are watching on your netflix, amazon, hulu or what ever.
  5. in the last battlefield didnt they have a teeny tiny pistol you could unlock? thought of that while reading the above, thought it be kind of funny to have a little gun, little missle, BIG BANG.
  6. i was under the impression that blocking doors was against the rules. nothing that i read or anything just been playing on it a long time and seem to remember admins telling people not to do it. it doesnt matter on most maps, but if your team is down to one player ive seen it happen before. just always thought is was a given rule from way back.
  7. he probably had a nice streak going and then BAMB, she come in and ruin it........
  8. They ask why the maps are even in rotation. Someone said because no one posts it in forums. So here it is. PLEASE don't put in the random spawn versions of maps. Currently burgundy v2 is in rotation as a random spawn map. Just so it got posted.
  9. I live just north of Houston and this thing been dumping water for for a day and will for a few more apparently. Even worse to the south side of Houston. 14 inches in less than 12 hours for me so far. Southside has had 24 plus since midnight. Can usually jump across this creek. That's a horse ranch underwater. 10 feet over flood stage and rising.
  10. always used to post this one in forums for pics...... but im the one in the middle here
  11. Sure i did this a few years ago, but doesnt show i did. The ladies told me to come in and say hi (gg and peng). 40's single dad of two, older teens now. Started fps with Enemy Territory when it was accidentally released for free back in the day. Did a lot as an admin for |PX| clan as DoTheDew. Chomama still calls me dew just to dig at me sometimes. Tried to leave Dew with PX some ten years ago or so and have been BuddyChrist ever since. (if you havent seen DOGMA, you should). Work as a welder so i often go out of town for a few weeks then back home for a few days(Houston Texas). Ive tried playing on laptops at hotels but thats just not worth it. So i may disappear for a few days at a time but i love to come home and sit at the pc and play freeze tag. Started playin cod4 on G13 servers playin hardcore s&d. when they asked me to try this freeze tag thing out. My pc getting kinda old now but it was pretty top end when i built it. still works great for cod. Love playin with you guys and happy to answer any questions. ps....Fuck you boomboom