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  1. Randomag

    welcome to XI joe, if u kill me two or three times in a round FU
  2. Randomag

  3. Randomag

    happy birthday have a good one
  4. Randomag

    Happy Birthday
  5. Randomag

    Rest in peace with your beautiful Irish voice .
  6. Randomag

    Thanks to everyone and a special thanks to J3st3r and Gatorgirl for sponsorship
  7. Wife, granddaughter and myself
  8. Randomag

    I was attached to the 10th mountain division. I did mountain warfare school in Vermont . Dope on a rope
  9. Randomag

    4 years US Army 1st and 120th mechanized infantry. Got out in 91
  10. Randomag

    Everyone stay safe with this winter storm in eastern US. Those of us in the south aren't prepared for all this snow.
  11. Randomag

    Hello and welcome to the forums
  12. Randomag

    Good questions every one
  13. Randomag

    Happy Birthday. Have a great one
  14. Randomag

    welcome to the forums Abby.