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  1. why is the vote close? i am for remove heist. FU Yacc
  2. Power!

    Happy Birthday and have a great day
  3. Power!

    Hello, welcome to our forums. Boori? and..... Fu babyback
  4. Power!

    Happy Birthday?
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    Welcome Kenmen?
  6. Power!

  7. Bugs? 1. i try to Re-roll packages with knife but the packages explode? why ( 2 after Respawn I miss the package, always when I have more than one ? (the opponent didn't steal) I don't know why this is so? 3. plz optimize smr for greater distances is a tragedy, over long distances even the Desert Eagle is better today from a long distance I could not hit a motionless opponent, Desert Eagle one shot kill !? 4, we all understand how much work you have done, and we are grateful to you, without you we would probably not have so many years of pleasure to play, I also remember when everyone was angry, Arc and Arc but then it turned out that Sartich 308 is wonderful, 4. Sammy, thank you for the new mod, I hope we can find a compromise.
  8. Power!

    i like GTA my start was on Comodore 64 Vice City GTA V i love it )
  9. if it's possible? i just want you SMR gives more stability and damage from a distance it is difficult to aim with SMR
  10. Sammy can you set SMR settings the same as on 147b.2 mod? on the 147b.4 is the SMR unstable, often even from close range
  11. Power!

    Welcome to the forums ?
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  13. Power!

    my web was too slow , now work fine Thanks ?



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