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  1. Power!

    yes 2x I also like fishing, but I haven't had time lately this is my family house see the photo I have a lake close
  2. Power!

    I and Groot Missed you too mate
  3. Power!

    for me spider is spider
  4. Power!

    I'm afraid of spiders i have Arachnophobia Fu Aussie
  5. Power!

    you mean the last mod from sammy's? like yes it is online all the time >XI< MW2 Freezetag 147W
  6. Power!

    @Sikon double click hack is not allowed, we have to ban your mouse
  7. Power!

    I have already tested a lot of mouse, Logitech G305 turned out to be the best and thats my Hack
  8. Power!

    I pressed the wrong button and that's how I got here LOL, i Love you all
  9. Power!

    Nice to see youhere
  10. Power!

    Have Fun
  11. Power!

    Congrats Bamm!
  12. my heart breaks when I read this news, I know a lot of Ukrainian people who have been living in Poland for years. Pictures from Ukraine https://www.reddit.com/r/ukraine/
  13. Senior soldier of the 28th Separate Mechanized Brigade Yuriy Gorodetsky performs the song "BROTHERS UKRAINIANS". Glory to Ukraine and its Warriors!
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