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  1. Power!

    in the last round, the modem did Update, and i lost connection lol really hard to play on this mod GG all,
  2. Power!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY have a nice day
  3. Power!

    Hi Roody willkommen im Forum
  4. Power!

    I will play too
  5. Power!

    I am very sorry that you lost aunt. I know what you're feeling My aunt (72) died 2 weeks ago, she had cancer. Everything revolves around Corona, other treatments are neglected,
  6. Power!

    I agree, my english sucks and I almost don't understand everything. I don't like sarcasm. Sorry but i love my life and i love Mw2 and Beeerrr, Jack d. that's why I was playing a groot for a long time, I just needed a breath
  7. Power!

    Happy Birthday, have a nice Day
  8. I tried too very hard to click quickly Logitech G305
  9. Power!

    Merry Christmas for all A gift from my children. lol
  10. Power!

    Merry Christmas
  11. Power!

    Congrats Senzei!!
  12. Power!

    Happy B-Day Exe have a nice Day bro
  13. Update pic 2020 summer me and my daughter



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