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  1. the new mod would be okay too, but without the Hesit, Trophy and separate RC I love Nuke in the new Mod
  2. Today I noticed the problem, the jumping height is too low earlier, through such a small obstacle you could easily jump over, see Photo, not after the change
  3. Power!

    happy Birthday Aussie
  4. Groot has short legs, and a 2sec that's hurt
  5. today I tested some new settings and 2 seconds are really a bit too little, sorry to say it but I am for the old settings or some other compromise? 4sec?
  6. Power!

    Congratulations Izumi
  7. Power!

    Welcome to the forum Izumi and enjoy PS. You can ask Senior Admin for change your name on forum to Izumi
  8. Power!

    Nice, I still remember when we played BF4 with Sonovabich and JohnnyDos ahhhhhh good old days,
  9. Power!

  10. Power!




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