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  1. Power!

    very sad news😥 I played with him a lot of time he was a good man R.I.P Johny pray for your family
  2. Power!

    RIP Dadda😢
  3. this is very terrible news😥 my condolences to his family
  4. Power!

    !FU StanG Nice Bro!
  5. Power!

  6. Power!

    Im in cod 4 team
  7. Power!

    im in! or to late?
  8. Power!

    after 10 years I would definitely forget the password LOL Nice to see you here👍
  9. Power!

    !Fu Chammy ? Welcome to forum.
  10. Power!

    Happy B Day Pink! & Hardcore
  11. Power!

    Welcome back !!
  12. Oh yes Braveheart?-- classic, Today such movie are not shot anymore
  13. my favorite is definitely The shawshank redemption Best Movie Ever
  14. I expected other ending I'm a little disappointed? feels unsatisfied, I demand season 9
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