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  1. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20793052 Play Overwatch for free May 26th to May 29th.
  2. SSGT_Schmuck

    Anyone else playing Overwatch? It is a FPS shooter that is very team oriented. Also can we get an Overwatch channel added to the teamspeak.
  3. SSGT_Schmuck

    Thank you, I have enjoyed gaming with many of the members for the last few months.
  4. SSGT_Schmuck

    That is why you are supposed to get a brazilian wax. In that way the hairs are ripped out by the roots and it will take longer to grow back.
  5. SSGT_Schmuck

    I think that all games have become much more secure then they used to be. Hard to compare a game from the early 90's to now as far as security is concerned.
  6. SSGT_Schmuck

    So is anyone else looking forward to the new Doom game? The most recent news I see shows a spring 2016 release date but Id was never good at hitting those dates. It looks like it will have a really easy to use map maker utility. The characters are still kind of comic book like drawings but Id's net code was always very good compared to other games in the past. But with John Carmack no longer being with the company hard to tell how well it will be put together.
  7. SSGT_Schmuck

    I have been playing here for a couple of months and I have noticed that XI does not play as a clan. TS is used more for social interaction then to enhance and improve the game play. The XI members and friends do not as a rule try to get on the same team or squad and then try to dominate a map. I am not saying that is a bad thing only that it is different from the way a lot of other clans may be run.
  8. SSGT_Schmuck

    Other things to consider about best weapon is how many rounds per minute, how many rounds does the weapon hold, and what is the range of the weapon.
  9. SSGT_Schmuck

    I think Microsoft got into the cell phone market too late and has no chance. The number of users as a percentage is dropping for Windows phones. Some apps are not even being made for the windows phone crowd as it is too much effort for too few devices. Blackberry made the same mistake in that they ignored the app store model and it has all been downhill ever since.
  10. SSGT_Schmuck

    I did know someone who this happened to when I was in the Air Force. He was not walking too well for a few days after it happened.
  11. SSGT_Schmuck

    I read the same story online. Either his parents have a real sense of humor or they are clueless.
  12. SSGT_Schmuck

    How about those who served post something. For me United States Air Force, 1981-1991, rank at separation Staff Sergeant.
  13. SSGT_Schmuck

    I did the easy method. Now that I have the bow I will rarely use it.
  14. Good to know. I still feel like everyone can see me and I can't see them when I am playing.
  15. SSGT_Schmuck

    yeah mortar is nice in that you can get a new one after one has been destroyed. I also like that you can no longer use a lock on type weapon when in a vehicle. Makes it much harder for engineers in helicopters to take out tanks.



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