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  1. Buddy

    I wouldn't mind this at all. My vote is Yes
  2. My first club!
  3. Ever wanted to try Overwatch? This weekend, Play free! If you like it, it's $20.00 off this weekend as well! Give it a try, and don't forget to join us on Team Speak FYI it's $20 off the full package, and $10 off the basic, which is all anyone needs.
  4. Buddy

    Those are great!
  5. Buddy

    A driving game? Should have known with a name like JohnnyNashville
  6. Buddy

    Welcome aboard!
  7. Buddy

    I think it would be nice to have an Overwatch channel so we don't have to keep making a temp channel.
  8. I agree with Jay, but to be more specific, I don't like that you need a 20 players to start a game. The fact that they have no client side anti-cheat like PB. Server Admins can't punish in any way so obvious cheaters rule the server. I heard that there are changes coming, but I don't have any details. Can anyone confirm this?
  9. Buddy

    My two babies!
  10. Buddy

    "In an order that would surprise you" LOL!!
  11. Buddy

    I think this is an awesome place for the next XI fest! I'm going to have to try and talk the wife into it. This is right before her B-Day so it has to be someplace she wants to go
  12. Buddy

    ???? what kind of subject line is that?
  13. Buddy

    I bought it and as most have said, the game play is amazing and it is very pretty! It has some seriously shitty game joining interface issues. You can join on friends but not consistently. There are multiple ways to join on friends, some work most of the time, others never work "an unknown server error has occurred". Being in a party (another method of playing with friends) is annoying as hell! If someone from your party joins a different server, you get interrupted in the middle of your game play with a box that blocks your view. It asks if you want to follow him/her. If in the heat of battle you click "YES", you are immediately disconnected from your current game and load into another server with maybe one person in it. BTW this one person is not the friend that was in your party, and this is not the server he/she just joined. After this comment, I will try and find a way to tun this "feature" off. I didn't realize how much pent up aggression I had about this issue. Forums! Cheaper than therapy Once we have our own server/servers (X fingers), I expect not to care about the "join friends interface" as much. After playing for a few weeks, I would diffidently buy it again.
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