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  1. Buddy

    I must be missing something. Teamspeak has been down for at least a half a day at this point and no one has posted a thing? Does anyone know the status?
  2. Buddy

    I wouldn't mind this at all. My vote is Yes
  3. My first club!
  4. Ever wanted to try Overwatch? This weekend, Play free! If you like it, it's $20.00 off this weekend as well! Give it a try, and don't forget to join us on Team Speak FYI it's $20 off the full package, and $10 off the basic, which is all anyone needs.
  5. Buddy

    Those are great!
  6. Buddy

    A driving game? Should have known with a name like JohnnyNashville
  7. Buddy

    Welcome aboard!
  8. Buddy

    I think it would be nice to have an Overwatch channel so we don't have to keep making a temp channel.
  9. I agree with Jay, but to be more specific, I don't like that you need a 20 players to start a game. The fact that they have no client side anti-cheat like PB. Server Admins can't punish in any way so obvious cheaters rule the server. I heard that there are changes coming, but I don't have any details. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. Buddy

    My two babies!
  11. Buddy

    "In an order that would surprise you" LOL!!
  12. Buddy

    I think this is an awesome place for the next XI fest! I'm going to have to try and talk the wife into it. This is right before her B-Day so it has to be someplace she wants to go
  13. Buddy

    ???? what kind of subject line is that?
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