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  1. Aki

    Hello after shouting you came running this is what i experienced while purchasing BF1 ... i were tempted to go for the Titanfall 2 but because they did not code it to exclude Offers on titles thats already in the Cart i skipped it: What does the money goto Srsy Ea i throw money at you at you offer me the same shit twice.. ohh well that my rant, Can't wait for BF1 thou GO IDIOTS!!!
  2. Aki

    it's the M98B With a M145 [3.4X]
  3. Aki

    An yet another one
  4. Aki

    Wahhhhhh i feel like such an IDIOT!!!
  5. Aki

    Yeah i know you were joking about the hacks
  6. Aki

    If i were Hacking i would have a better K/D it's One!11!!!1!!!111!!!one Anywho i know it might be a bit laggy in place.. but i was pushing the 60 FPS recording limit i get with shadow play.. (Geforce Experience) it was a test and i might dial it back just a tat thanks for the constructive criticism, ill definitely use it. From the GTX series 700 and up, the GTX have a dedicated chip to code video so more or less no real impact on fps.. i usually get: BF4: Setting ULTRA 80-99 FPS (certain maps are more heavy goes as low as 60) DOOM: Setting ULTRA 70-99+ FPS Rise of the Tomb raider: Setting Ultra 80-90 FPS My PC specs are ,, Screen: Asus Swift PG348Q34" Ultrawide 100HZ Computer: Asus ROG G20 NR038T Core i7 6700 / 3.4 GHz (sadley no K... well i would not overclock. i think the heat is great enough in that cabinet xD) RAM 16 GB DDR4, SSD 256 GB , HDD 2 TB, GF GTX 980, switched it with a MSI GTX 1080.. Win 10 Home 64-bit My actual screen  My GPU BOX xD Sadly not me with a ROG G20 the big one... Al thou its very small
  7. Aki

    Another one yay !!
  8. Aki

    to close to C4
  9. Aki

    yet another
  10. So im starting a bf4 gaming channel. My First branded video is here Hope you like it