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  1. ..... since i played this game. 3 months or more maybe. but..... look out . I will be back on tonight.... miss you fukkers
  2. Damn you are a beautiful woman...
  3. Scoarch

    happy belated birthday KillerKitty. hope it was filled with dogs.... lol. just teasing
  4. Scoarch

    Happy birthday you sweet thing you
  5. Scoarch

    Sheeeet.... guess i have to like damn cats now. congrats ...
  6. Scoarch

    Happy birthday AyaqGuyaq. hope it was filled with lots of You stuff,
  7. Scoarch

    Happy birthday Ripper
  8. Scoarch

    I want to thank you all for the birthday wishes and if any of you ladies want to see my birthday suit you will have to wait. has a few wrinkles in it i have to work out
  9. Scoarch

    Happy birthday to you Jomama. hope it is a great one
  10. Scoarch

    thats about 150 km from where i live.
  11. Scoarch

    rest in peace Cobra. i am the idiot i am and you brought me into the family ,,, will miss playing with you.
  12. Scoarch

    happy 28th birthday assqueen. i have not played in a while but one of the things i miss the most is your laugh. hope you give us 100 more years of it.
  13. Scoarch

    all my prayers to cobra. he was my sponcer. he made me the idiot i am. bless him
  14. Scoarch

    About freakin time. Welcome to the clan
  15. Scoarch

    Happy birthday KillerKitty. I hope it is full of stuff..... good stuff.....and no dogs



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