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  1. Biotech

    happy birthday all
  2. Biotech

    well who knows what story he had to tell if he took the bus ?? something to think about key
  3. Biotech

    offcourse essie but then again the princess ( you just to make it clear ) is ALWAYS the star of the show
  4. Biotech

    i'm sorry to hear about your loss, there is a reason why they call a dog man's best friend
  5. Biotech

    really nicely done, now for the next story make ME the hero
  6. Biotech

    get better soon
  7. Biotech

    congratulations Lazy
  8. Biotech

    Happy birthday
  9. Biotech

    thank you all it is much appreciated
  10. Biotech

    Hi Lazy, good to see you and welcome
  11. Biotech

    thank you all
  12. Biotech

    Thank you all for the lovely comments. Key, i wanted to say 'let me entertain you' but then i had to use dray's accent WeednFeed, love your tomatoes, i don't grow as many tough. Timmah, i like to grow sweet cherries ( small snack tomatoes ) and roma tomatoes. as for the umami i like the sweetness of the cherry tomato but when i cook i like it mildly spicy.
  13. Biotech

    Hello all, my name is Ludo aka Biotech. i'm from belgium and i am a biotechnical engineer ( hence Biotech ) my hobby's are electronics, baking and growing herbs and tomatoes. I have been playing on your freezetag server for a couple of years now. So i guess it was long overdue for me to introduce myself. greetz, Bio
  14. Biotech

    you live in a beautiful place shaun



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