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  1. Sollisnexus

    I agree with the NYC parking lol, hence why when I go I walk.
  2. Sollisnexus

    "Gotta take a selfie..." -smacked to death- TKO!
  3. Sollisnexus

    When your Girlfriend fins music you get stuck in your head
  4. Sollisnexus

    I'd say its pretty accurate after you fixed what karnthis mentioned! =D
  5. Sollisnexus Sonic Mania Super Sonic Boss Music (Aka Eggman Reverie) All I can to this is ear candy.... that is all...
  6. Probably the best explanation of why lag is on the server lol, you all will get used to it after awhile
  7. Sollisnexus

  8. Sollisnexus

    -buh dum ching-
  9. Useful Guide to those entering or currently in the server as of now
  10. Sollisnexus

    Cool, need to get back into that game at some point, computer can handle its graphics now
  11. Sollisnexus

    This just tells you to be more careful when you use any form of credit or debit card out at any rate