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  1. I'm late for the party.... lol Will have to try next time
  2. NGCrewDawg

    Very kind of you all
  3. Cool advice.  Launched my Origin and purchased Battlefield V for $12.

  4. NGCrewDawg

  5. Zombie and Dirt..... They both make me laugh..... Only come on for a game here and there......
  6. NGCrewDawg

    Stay safe.....
  7. NGCrewDawg

    Very impressive! Congrats Mule
  8. NGCrewDawg

    Congrats !!!!!!
  9. NGCrewDawg

    Congrats you guys......don't kick me for getting lucky and killing you !!!!!!!
  10. NGCrewDawg

    LOL!!!! Athena, I think he let you win...... He usually ends the map with double the score of the 2nd highest player........ I don't hate him, I just wonder why he plays here....we must bore the crap out of him....!!!!!!
  11. NGCrewDawg

    Long time ago........Looking for something long and unique so that it can be used as my id everywhere, instead of adding variations In the Michigan Air National Guard, working as a Crew Chief on C-130 airplanes. In basic training, they always referred to us as "crewdawgs"....... So I created my username :-)
  12. NGCrewDawg

    Welcome friend
  13. NGCrewDawg

    I'll drink to that! I have a one night stand on the right side of my bed and a doorway on the other?
  14. NGCrewDawg

    Good Times!!!!!
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