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    Happy Birthday you IDIOTS!
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    Merry Christmas to all!
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    Welcome @wetNreckless
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    Happy Birthday Idiots!
  5. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday!
  6. JoeCamel

    $500 was pretty good price considering, must have been a NewEgg Shuffle deal. Be careful though, there have been a huge spike in fake GPU's and even going as far as logo'd boxes and fan coolers even from so called sellers on Ebay and even Amazon. I just read about someone getting a GTX1030 dressed up like a GTX1650 only to find out when using the Nvidia tuning app. Unfortunately they got it from some online company that wont respond to their phone calls.
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    You must use https://www.xtremeidiots.com/ You are using https://xtremeidiots.com The xtremeidiots.com SSL certificate does not cover the domain only URL for some reason.
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    Happy Birthday to you!
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    Welcome, welcome, welcome!
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    Be Safe. I Heard the parks are only 50% or something in some areas so walk on rides! woohoo!
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    Happy Birthday @Morris
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    Congratulations @McGrim
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    Happy Birthday you idiots!
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    My cousin Vincent Camel

    At Cedar Point and found a relative ;-)
  15. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday
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