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  1. HI @loader. I've removed everything including any remnant of XI with no joy. When you say "cleared cache", which cache are speaking about? the DNS cache we cleared earlier? Im getting ready to reinstall but I have little faith in that. I really don't think the issue is with my game. As I mentioned, this does the same thing from a completely different computer and and on a different network network. Now I've tried a new keycode with the same result. If you come up with anything else to try let me know...this is annoying and I want to play
  2. No joy with your file Loader. I really appreciate it though. The fact that this issue happens regardless of the key used, the computer being used or the network I'm on sure makes this issue very strange. If it were an issue on the XI servers then either the new keycode or running on a different network would resolve the issue. If it were something with the game itself then running on a different computer would have resolved that. So what's left? Sun spots? I'll try a reinstall but I just don't have faith in that solution either.
  3. I didnt have the Steam version until a few minutes ago to get a new key. And I tried the new keycode and guess what...same thing. I'll try your file in just a minute. I also ran this game on a different computer with the same result so why key seemed logical. I've run it on a different network with the same result too. One thing I did see after I changed the keycode, and once before when this first started was something about couldn't get my stats so it was reset. I'll let you know in a minute what happens...
  4. Well there you have it folks. There is something wrong with my key and nothing else. I ran the game with my key on anther rig and the exact same thing. I've tried a different network, same thing. So I have eliminated all possibilities that point to anything but the key. So I'll be back on soon, once I purchase a key and get it entered. But I still want to know why this happened
  5. That's what I am referring to...to start. There is also a cache on the router but I'm about to do the ipconfig now that I got some food in me.
  6. Hey Sharpe! No. I may remove all of the XI mod files and and profile and see wat happens or try re-installing the game. But I dont think that will help. The only other thing I can think of is something with my network like DNS or something along those lines...but that doesn't explain why I'm connecting to other non XI servers. Maybe a Punkbuster issue?
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. The issue was resolved by 1) Opening the game in Milti-Player and going to MP Options and verifying the game key. 2) Using the console (~ tild) and then using the connect command with the IP and port of an XI server to connect to an XI game directly instead of using my HLSW game manager. Once the game connected I was able to continue accessing XI servers from my game manager without encountering the dreaded Waiting for Key Authorization. UPDATE - I lied...game worked for a few hours and crashed and of course, back to waiting for key auth again. I tried all that I did last time but no go. I also tried all the XI suggestions and Google suggestions. I guess I'm not supposed to play anymore Update, update - I can get on and play on other non XI servers without Keycode Auth message... Hmmm...
  8. Thanks Loco and Loader, I'll give those suggestions a try. The odd thing is that in the past, even though my tag was still showing in the game I was able to join without any issues. I'll post if I resolve in case someone else has this issue.
  9. After a game ended and started loading a new map my game closed (I guess you can consider a crash). I tried to reopen and saw the infamous "key in use" message. I could see my tag in the game roster so I waited about half an hour. After trying again I started getting the "awaiting key authorization" countdown. Now this is constant after a couple hours of waiting, either key in use or waiting to authorize and then disconnection. Any ideas outside of a reinstall? I think this is a technical issue and I can't imagine someone has my key after all these years. I guess I'll try again in the morning.
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