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  1. JoeCamel

    Welcome....Nice you finally introduced yourself so I know who keeps freezing me up on the servers.
  2. JoeCamel

    That's a long list...HAPPY BIRTHDAY everyone!
  3. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday to all you idiots...I hope you can have a proper celebration once its safe to get plastered among friends
  4. JoeCamel

    How you doing Reaper? I hope they got it right and your pain subsides. Keep the updates coming if you can just so we know.
  5. JoeCamel

    Wow there are so many! Happy Birthday you IDIOTS!
  6. JoeCamel

    Thank you Lee for the kind words.
  7. Such a shock. I am so sorry @sandradee2. My heart goes out to you and your family. Remember to draw strength from each other and celebrate @dadda2's life. RIP DADDA2
  8. JoeCamel

    Hi Bob. Welcome back....and stop shooting me please.
  9. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday you idiots!
  10. JoeCamel

    Welcome, welcome, welcome....now prepare to freeze!
  11. JoeCamel

    Happy Happy Happy.......
  12. JoeCamel

    I think Timmah, Queeny and others are correct that the employee should be there to work and learn. However, sometimes it takes a manager to tease out potential that they might see in an employee. Everyone has shortcomings and if given enough time and the employee doesn't turn those shortcomings around or is a detriment to the job or team then then they need to transferred to a new role or terminated. I personally am more of a nurturer but only if there is potential in the employee and only to a point then I ?
  13. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday to all of you...except REO. Just Kidding...Have a great day.
  14. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday to all of you! ?



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