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  1. JoeCamel

    Dang wish I knew that a few weeks ago...Went to Write Pat with pal of mine... For sure next time I'll give you PM
  2. JoeCamel

    No Trolls here ?
  3. I usually do not post much but believe this was important for me to say. It's been a rough year for the world and I'm sure it's been equally tough for many at XI. However, my year has brought my family and I many challenges beyond the obvious and I wanted to thank XI and all the members I encounter for giving me a respite. On any given day I can turn on this old PC start that old game CoD4 and connect with people in a way I can't anywhere else. I talk to people from all over the world and enjoy their company virtually which allows me to forget about everything else for just an hour or two. Though we physically never met, have different views and opinions I feel like I can call you friend. I'm sure there are many of you who feel the same way. Thank you XI members, guests and everyone who keeps the games running and this clan viable.
  4. JoeCamel

  5. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday Scoarch!
  6. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday MadMonk2!
  7. JoeCamel

    Welcome Sarsar...not sure we can handle someone worse than Shiny...JK!
  8. JoeCamel

    Congratulations, She's beautiful. Hope all are doing fine. What a great date to be born on...my birthday!
  9. JoeCamel

    Congrats Dirty...Thank you for your long service.
  10. JoeCamel

    Welcome....Nice you finally introduced yourself so I know who keeps freezing me up on the servers.
  11. JoeCamel

    That's a long list...HAPPY BIRTHDAY everyone!
  12. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday to all you idiots...I hope you can have a proper celebration once its safe to get plastered among friends
  13. JoeCamel

    How you doing Reaper? I hope they got it right and your pain subsides. Keep the updates coming if you can just so we know.



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