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  5. Hello, I guess I’m supposed to introduce myself so I can finally be part of your online gang 😎 so let me start with a little history. Because of my family’s history I will not use any names in this short autobiography. My mother and father met in Daugavpils, Latvia at University in 1955. My father was one of the youngest Physics professors at University and my mother was a graduate student. After some reluctance on my father’s part they began seeing each other and married in 1960. I was born in Kuldīga, Latvia in June of 1965. We moved to Ventspils , Latvia in 1966 because my mother began working for the Soviet Irbene Locator, which was in charge of spying on NATO countries’ communications. She was head of the cryptology section and focused on European countries. After two years we moved to Skrunda , Latvia to be closer to my father and where my mother began working at the Skrunda Radar Station. The radar stations main task was to control the cosmic space over Western Europe and North America, and to “intercept” ballistic missiles should any be fired at the Soviet Union. My father, who took a position in the Science and Engineering school at Liepāja University in 1961 would stay in Liepāja for weeks at a time. However, what he was really doing was working for the KGB. He was in charge of moving and tracking so called “immigrants” across the Baltic Sea to Sweden. The so called “immigrants” were actually western trained KGB intelligence agents who actively infiltrated European countries and even the United States for espionage and other spy craft. You could say he was a spy master. Because my father was a physics professor he was well suited to oversee the development of devices and techniques employed in KGB spy craft. One such device was a sound wave generator that would send sound pulses which were beyond human hearing and could make someone ill in order to force them from a their location. For example, if an agent wanted to infiltrate a room to search for information he could make the occupants ill whereby forcing them to leave the location to seek treatment and allow the agent unfettered access to materials and documents. This device is still in use today as far as I know. Disenchanted with soviet rule and the failed promise of socialism, in 1980 my father and mother contacted the CIA to make a deal to get them out of Latvia. The CIA required they work as double agents to gain access to a top secret list of agents that my father had access to. This lasted for about a year when we were able to finally take a fishing boat in the dead of night from the port of Liepāja to Gedser, Denmark. We couldn’t go to Stockholm because there were too many Soviets that would recognize my father and the intelligence apparatus would pick up on our movements. We then made our way to Kolding, Denmark and after several days we made it to London, England. We stayed in London for a few months where we obtained new identities and passports. Finally, we flew to the United States and settled in Temperance, Michigan where I graduated in 1983. Now if you read all this and wondered if this story would make a great novel, maybe it would but it’s all bull shit! I just took 5 minutes of your time that you’ll never get back…Happy Holidays! Please don’t tell anyone and just encourage them to read it too. 😜
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