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  1. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday you idiots!
  2. JoeCamel

    Welcome, welcome, welcome....now prepare to freeze!
  3. JoeCamel

    Happy Happy Happy.......
  4. JoeCamel

    I think Timmah, Queeny and others are correct that the employee should be there to work and learn. However, sometimes it takes a manager to tease out potential that they might see in an employee. Everyone has shortcomings and if given enough time and the employee doesn't turn those shortcomings around or is a detriment to the job or team then then they need to transferred to a new role or terminated. I personally am more of a nurturer but only if there is potential in the employee and only to a point then I ?
  5. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday to all of you...except REO. Just Kidding...Have a great day.
  6. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday to all of you! ?
  7. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday
  8. JoeCamel

    Yeah Chili's C4 purse is annoying...Nice to hear from you.
  9. JoeCamel

    Hello and Welcome SuperNate!
  10. JoeCamel

    Wow a whole basket full...your parents must have been pretty bored in May! Happy Birthday!
  11. Good Job! Congratulations!
  12. JoeCamel

    Happy Birthday Neighbor!!! Have great day and see you on the battle field.
  13. JoeCamel

    Looking forward to see those new tags...good to have another newbie like myself.
  14. JoeCamel

    Creeeeeepy...I've been called worse! ?
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