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  1. Dang...theres a whole lot of you. Happy Birthday all you idiots.
  2. Oh shit...you let him do what! We are all doomed. Just kidding, Congratulations @M!dg3t, well deserved.
  3. Happy Birthday: pwrcrzy52 Crimson Onyx I hope you have a great day!
  4. Where the hell is Minnesoooota Great to know ya @Ruggerxi Great Idea @BlackRose, thank you!
  5. Happy Birthday: @Crankster @Sally @TokyoElbow @Cookie
  6. Do you remember when, long ago the Freezetag teams were comprised of Bitchers and Whiners (or something like that) I always thought it apropos. I agree that sometimes it would be nice, during a fairly serious game (which there are very few) some of these people would chat it up or give intel... But, se la vie, tis only a game.
  7. Happy Birthday Idiots! @blackwidow @STAMINK @NGCrewDawg
  8. HI @loader. I've removed everything including any remnant of XI with no joy. When you say "cleared cache", which cache are speaking about? the DNS cache we cleared earlier? Im getting ready to reinstall but I have little faith in that. I really don't think the issue is with my game. As I mentioned, this does the same thing from a completely different computer and and on a different network network. Now I've tried a new keycode with the same result. If you come up with anything else to try let me know...this is annoying and I want to play
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