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  1. Only16Characterz

    I never met you, but I wish you the best of luck! Take your time and don't over stress things!
  2. Only16Characterz

    Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day!
  3. Only16Characterz

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  4. Only16Characterz

    Happy birthday!!!!
  5. Only16Characterz

    Happy birthday nost!
  6. Only16Characterz

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Only16Characterz

    I'm sure that you'll be back in no time!
  8. Only16Characterz

    Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day!!!
  9. Only16Characterz

    Hope you have the best day ever! eat all sorts of cake, and just have a ton of fun!
  10. Only16Characterz

    Have a great birthday! Hope you have fun and maybe eat some pizza! Pizza is always great! (:
  11. Only16Characterz

    Have a wonderful day, @blackcat! hope its full of joy and positivity!
  12. Only16Characterz

    Have a wonderful day! Happy birthday!!
  13. Only16Characterz

    Happy birthday!!!
  14. Only16Characterz

    Happy birthday! Have a wonderous day filled with shenanigans!
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