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  1. Hi All, Massive congrats to COD 5's newest Admins Elvis9 & Essssieee Who have proved themselves worthy within their role as MOD's Join me in wishing them all the very best in their new role Well done guys, Keep up the great work
  2. Morris

    RIP my fellow veteran
  3. Welcome back .......
  4. Morris

    I dont get the hole Roasting thing that you do? You can be funny without tasking the piss out of someone! I think Will was wrong in what he done and also thought Chris was out of order with his joke..... Shows the pressure of fame I suppose......... Lets be honest .... If that was my wife and I in a pub somewhere, it would have ended much worse.......
  5. Morris

    I am a Group Health and Safety Manager for a large company making electrical connectors call Harwin
  6. Morris

    Welcome mate
  7. Morris

  8. Morris

    Really sorry all, I have been in bed unwell for a few days after catch a particular nasty vial infection from my granddaughter who I had to take to hospital for treat hers been a pretty shit week to be fair, but sorry I missed the meeting
  9. I use a steam version no worries there ............. but it didnt make me a better player ........
  10. Did you save your profile config? or have you lost that in the cash / reset?
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