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  1. Morris

    Thank you all 🙂 My body may well be 55 years old but my mind is still stuck in my early 30's Yippeeeeee many more to years gamming left in the old dog yet
  2. Morris

    We miss you mate but totally understand, see you soon and dont worry all is well this end
  3. Morris

    Not just an idiot once but now twice ...... lol welcome back
  4. Morris

    Welcome back ?
  5. Morris

    Congrats and welcome ?
  6. Morris

    Welcome to Xi
  7. Morris

    Onwards to the next 10 ....... well done
  8. Nice one, Welcome ?
  9. Morris

    If that fails roll back to restore point
  10. I like the current scoring system as it promotes thawing......... as you clearly get more points for thawing than you do for a kill. We all know how frustrating it can be to be frozen and your team do not thaw................ I liked the fact that when people who dont thaw, realise the points system, they then start thawing



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