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  1. Morris

    not between 20:30 and 22:00 GMT its empty, been this was for about a year now, we have several regulars from Europe play between 18:30 and 20:30 but as soon as half 8 comes it empties Not sure what time that is US side, early afternoon i guess
  2. Morris

    Not sure on evening time in the USA but there are times early evening UK time the VFT cod 5 server is empty....... could use some new players. If you watch at approx 20:30 hrs it empties Connected a few times now at 21:00 hrs UK time and not a soul in.......
  3. I have it......................... Lets have a game where I cant get killed??? Sounds superb to me......................
  4. ohhhh yessssss im in............. all the way in.............. so far in im almost out .............but deffo in
  5. Morris

    As you dont allow messages to be sent....... and as the Admin who imposed your Ban, I have after consolation with my fellow Admins & Head Admins; we have decided to lift you ban however, This is a stern warning that should you continue to disrupt other players while in any of our servers, you will be instantly Banned on a permanent basis without the right to appeal. We have several rules that must be followed, these can be found on our web page at: www.xtremeidiots.com Please take a little time to review them and follow them while in game. MorrisXI- ADM
  6. Morris

    Just posted on the Admin page,
  7. Hey All, My trusted Gee-force GTX760 TI has decided enough is enough and gone into retirement New card on order, so no gaming for me until it arrives Be good until then Morris
  8. Morris

    Whoo hoo its fixed thanks
  9. Morris

    Ohh no the Site has lost my signature and I cant find the dam disc i stored it on............... Can it be retrieved from the Site?
  10. Morris

    Seems pretty obvious to me ........... Ban Good works gents
  11. Morris

    Nice one Welcome anything you need just ask
  12. Morris

    Welcome to the Family of Idiots
  13. Morris

    Cant the system tell us who initiated the ban? I have never had an issue with either and who the hell is still up at 04:00 ?? Your IDIOTS!!