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  1. Morris

    RIP my fellow veteran
  2. Welcome back .......
  3. Morris

    I dont get the hole Roasting thing that you do? You can be funny without tasking the piss out of someone! I think Will was wrong in what he done and also thought Chris was out of order with his joke..... Shows the pressure of fame I suppose......... Lets be honest .... If that was my wife and I in a pub somewhere, it would have ended much worse.......
  4. Morris

    I am a Group Health and Safety Manager for a large company making electrical connectors call Harwin
  5. Morris

    Welcome mate
  6. Morris

  7. Morris

    Really sorry all, I have been in bed unwell for a few days after catch a particular nasty vial infection from my granddaughter who I had to take to hospital for treat hers been a pretty shit week to be fair, but sorry I missed the meeting
  8. I use a steam version no worries there ............. but it didnt make me a better player ........
  9. Did you save your profile config? or have you lost that in the cash / reset?
  10. Morris

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