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  1. Welcome to the Admin team m8
  2. Have a great Xmas and your dad we will be here when you get back!!
  3. If I can load COD2 in time, I will be there to pay my respect to some great players sadly lost but never forgotten
  4. Welcome to the Family
  5. Welcome to the Family
  6. Sorry all, im having really horrendous issues with my PC. On getting back from vacation I switched the PC on expecting trouble free gaming as it been switched of for 3 weeks, but not so I noticed my icons were blank on the desktop and all my office programs were gone, so done a system refresh to an earlier date. Didn't help, so though no problem, I will format and reinstall ................. but my DVD drive was not recognised. I have now got that working however when I restart enter the BIOS to set my DVD drive as 1st boot. I get the press any key to install from CD .. then nothing............... its driving me nuggets, i have restarted in windows put discs in the drive and they work faultlessly, but the bloody this will not let me boot up from CD Any ideas?
  7. lol after my Vegas trip i was lucky not too was a great vacation, but 2 weeks was a little too long The Big Q is what makes computers go nuts even when they are not plugged in?? This dam machine will not find my DVD drive in the bios (needed to format and reinstall windows) but will play a music CD................... I mean WTF is that about
  8. the one and only......
  9. dang.............. problems continue, i can format this machine............. doesnt find the DVD drive
  10. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I hate PC's.......... nearly there should be back at the weekend
  11. Hi All, Well a great vacation was followed by a PC that is doing strange and wonderful things.......... Over the last week I have tried everything to get it back on track without success .... nothing left but to format and do a fresh install. Wish me luck? will be back soonest....................
  12. I was only there at that outdoor concert last week........... so sad for so many. my prayers and thoughts to all effected
  13. Hi All, Dont worry I will be back in 3 weeks..... of on vacation to Las Vegas (again) to win back the money i lost before he he he Wish me luck !!!!