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  1. M!dg3t

    I Gave a few people a good beating on COD 4
  2. M!dg3t

    That’s a great idea, whatever day works for you guys I’m in!
  3. Can the mod that Sammy worked on be put back up for awhile? When the old mod was put back on there was talk about switching them back and forth every 6 months or so. There was some great features like the rocket gun, trophy system, two emp mines, and way better care packages. Not to mention the perk that let people steal your care packages from off you. I still here Big Yacc saying “ Whatcha got for me? Oh a air strike, I’ll take that, thank you very much. “
  4. M!dg3t

    Un Chileno! Come back and play! You are missed!
  5. M!dg3t

    What’s even more amazing is you jump like a rabbit non stop carrying all that weight!
  6. M!dg3t

    Now you need to make your own tequila!
  7. M!dg3t

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t somehow related to that spider!
  8. M!dg3t

    I’d call it the octopus.
  9. M!dg3t

    Wishing you and your dad strength and am sending positive vibes your way.
  10. M!dg3t

    This was your ham a week before you purchased it.
  11. Will we be able to play the Mod Sammy made at some point? The one that had the rocket pistol and the good care packages?
  12. Happy Birthday to my Beech!  Happy Birthday GIF by midnightcake

  13. M!dg3t

    Congratulations iBrock!
  14. M!dg3t

    I enjoyed killing you as Cacius, I’m going to enjoy killing your as IronPad.
  15. M!dg3t


    That’s definitely living life in the fast lane.
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