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    Shooting things and making friends!!

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  1. BOB

    Happy Birthday X-Ray!! Hope you have a great day🥳
  2. BOB

    Thats Awesome!! Ive recently made myself one, Not sure how ive managed it but this is what i came up with, Im not very skillfull in creating things like these | V
  3. BOB

    Happy Birthday Exe!! Hope you have a good one!!🥳🥳
  4. BOB

    Happy Birthday guys!! hope you have a gooden!!!🥳
  5. This seems a good idea, i was thinking about it and i find alot of players also like to jump shot if they're hiding behind boxes and are too low to shoot over the top so this ^ would still allow that t happen and would also solve your falling problem would it not?
  6. BOB

    Happy Birthday, Hope you all enjoy your day, all the best!!🥳
  7. BOB

    I Guess so lmao, Surely there isnt that many BOB's around. Just when you get knifed in the freezetag Server by someone called BOB. Just know ill be thinking of this message LOL. JR In disguise, Almost like im a ninja Well, Thats when i can play the server without being kicked every 2 minutes!! Im not a XI member so it keeps kicking me to make room for the other members🙃
  8. BOB

    Who doesn't like a bit of Cross dressing on the weekend, Hey ricko, dont be ashamed, Gotta be proud of what you're into, We wont judge😂 Definitely!!! He's Probably been having wet dreams about you Ricko, Take it as a compliment!!😂 My Old mans always sleeping nowadays lol. really need to get him on the servers more so we can whoop his ass
  9. BOB

    Lmfao, I do wear funny clothes you're right but, none of the other stuff LOL. But to be fair, the size of the pot holes round here wouldn't suprise me if the local crackhead's have attempted to hitch up a camp in them!! Is that Right Monkie??😂 In need of that right now as were this close to Xmas! every little helps! Ohhhh the vegetables in the loft, Hilarious when the snows out and their roofs are'nt snowy at all from the heat ahahaha. Is Salford bad? Never been tbh
  10. BOB

    closer than i thought, I see, Probably been here many times then, Not the greatest place in the world is it lmao, Crewe kinda sucks. Not much to do, Not much here besides Pot holes in the road lol
  11. BOB

    Happy Birthday!!!
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