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  1. BOB

    Happy Birthday all, Have a great day!!??
  2. BOB

    Thanks Guys!! Much appreciated!?
  3. BOB

  4. BOB

    Sure is!! lmao. Thanks man Thank You all for the kind welcome!! I am proud to be an IDIOT!!!
  5. BOB

    Happy Birthday all! Enjoy your day!?
  6. BOB

    Get well soon bud!! all the best with the surgery You'll be fragging before you know it! Good luck
  7. BOB

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!????
  8. BOB

    Happy Birthday to all!, Hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!!!!!!!???
  9. BOB

    I think you should pass the badge down to me Pain Brilliant idea, Im 100% in on the CTF weekends. I like the idea of bringing the different game modes into TDM too, I just hope we get a good amount of people because playing CTF and LIB with like 4 people is rather hard! Maybe add some Bash only maps where its just 5/10 minutes long and i also heard you mention you could add Panzerfaust, Now that sounds fun!! I guess just try it out see how it goes? if it works, it works.. if it doesnt at least you tried
  10. BOB

    Happy birhday!!!!!
  11. BOB

    57 Bashes, Thats impressive, New challenge for me now Thought you should know, theres been word that i may be your brother dirk?? They're calling me Bob Diggler Ahahah ThankYou!! really appreciate the kind words Couldn't play as much as id of liked to, but from what i played was fantastic!! Great job from @loaderXI and @PainKiller for the work on the server, The different game modes and that shotgun mode was hilarious!! Good fun every year!
  12. BOB

    Happy Birthday all!!!??
  13. BOB

    Happy Birthday X-Ray!! Hope you have a great day?
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