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  1. Rwinn

    sup, sway Thank you
  2. Rwinn

    hey sharpe thanks i will try i will order one thanks
  3. Rwinn

    oh yes, I am the only one who plays on mac, it works for me it is very fast,
  4. Rwinn

    thanks guys
  5. Rwinn

    Hey all. my introduction. My name is Rwin. yes that's my real name but in the game I do it like Rwinn I enjoy playing COD4 I have been playing with the guys on the freezetag server since 2016. I currently live in Colombia and I am a wedding photographer. by the way my imac has a 3.5mm bad port so the mic doesn't work in good time I greet all the idiots
  6. how I play ? im play playing in imac 5k at a good resolution but the advantage is that my internet is fiber optics and for online games it is wonderfulIMG_2598.thumb.jpg.090d4b9bef091906804a7e5e16bd0dfb.jpg


  7. Rwinn

    thanks to everyone
  8. Rwinn

    Hello everyone, I'm Rwinn, I've been enjoying COD 4 Freeze Tag a lot, I decided to enter the forums. As some members have mentioned to me at some point, I am a wedding photographer in Colombia, I have been playing since 2016 but I had almost never visited the forums so far, I play in a 5k imac, but the microphone port does not work, I have used headphones bluetooth but there is a slight delay in the sound if someone knows how to correct it would be very useful thanks to everyone.



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