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  1. I had this Exact problem with COD 2, I did some google searching and trying to figure it out. In the end i think it was in fact the Resolution, And also i now have to wait a couple of minutes for the black screen to pass and then after that theres no problems at all, I know its COD 2 but could be the same problem with COD 5 maybe?
  2. Ph4nt0m Jr

    This Definitely sounds like a plan, Monthly CTF/HTF Weekend. That is a great idea, And if its popular and goes good maybe we could do some tournaments or something? But Im 100% loving the CTF/HTF Weekends idea
  3. Ph4nt0m Jr

    Yeah i noticed the freezetag server is always full on Cod 4. Cant beat the old COD 2 ay Its sad to see it empty now and again!! Some amazing childhood memory's in them servers lol
  4. Ph4nt0m Jr

    Happy Birthday Ted, Hope you've had a gooden!!?
  5. Ph4nt0m Jr

    It was my pleasure, i Loved every second. I sure will bud, Cant wait. Im looking forward to it
  6. Ph4nt0m Jr

    Absolutely loved the memorial weekend, i Couldn't of spent the weekend in a better way, Massive thank you to all the admins and XI Members for making it possible. After 8 years its been amazing to get back on Call of duty 2 and see old and new faces. Well done to all the players who played over the last 2 days its surely been a challenge and not to mention a good laugh And Hxtr.. It sure did feel good to give my dad an Ass whoopin Thanks again Jr
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