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  1. Mightymike1

    Utility Forester for 31 years. Retired and serving the Lord.
  2. So much good help here, thank you all! After fiddling with this thing and good advice from Krunch, I found a used copy in ebay and have ordered it. Perhaps this will work, can only hope.....
  3. Mightymike1

    I know this guitar has a great sound! A friend of mine, who swears by Taylor, and I have an ongoing discussion. You see I am a Martin man. While I don't have the collection near what you have, I do have a Martin DXME with pick up, and a 1962 Gibson J45 that was my father's. I am working towards my next purchase which will be a Les Paul. Good looking guitar Storm!
  4. Mightymike1

    Awesome news! Praying your health to continue.
  5. Mightymike1

    SO very cool!
  6. It will be later before i can get on tonight. Will be out of town until 8 or 9, but will check in as soon as I can. Thanks to all for your help!
  7. Mightymike1

    Outstanding young lady!!! Prayers for many successes!!
  8. Mightymike1

    Ours is up with lights on. Grandaughters coming next weekend to stay. Leaving the decorating for them. Will post after they have completed. The rest look really cool. Essie, yours is a very nice European tree, much like the ones we have when we are in Norway for the holidays! Big ain't always better!! Labob when are you expecting the Griswalds???
  9. HAve been trying to figure out to get my Cod5 to work again after a computer crash. When I try to play multiplayer, it wants me to create online profile, however, it does not take when I try to create a profile. Loader has been trying to help, but we have hit a wall. Would be glad to have someone remote to my pc and get this thing back up and running. Getting tired of Cod4 and the bunny rabbits.
  10. Mightymike1

    thanks! will try.
  11. Loader, I'm not real tech savvy. Would you be willing to remote and assist? Or maybe supply step by step instructions?
  12. My hard drive crashed recently and I lost everything. I bought COD WAW through steam but when I tried to play multiplayer I cannot get my profile to come up and therefore cannot get into multiplayer. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. When I do a refresh in multiplayer, our servers do not come up. I am playing through Steam.
  14. Mightymike1

    Man, what a pain in the patoo this has been. I bought WAW through Steam, everything seemed to be working until I tried to set up an online profile. You guessed it, I can't do it. Any suggestions??
  15. Mightymike1

    My hard drive failed and nothing could be recovered from it. I had WAW loaded via a cd and have lost the cd...when it rains it pours. I plan on purchasing from Steam, my question is when I purchase from Steam does it come with PB, or will have to download PB also??
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