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  1. Mightymike1

    Its always a pleasure to review the responses to a suggestion. The humor is outstanding!! Guess I'll just learn to run away, cause I ain't letting NOBODY park in my garage!!!
  2. Mightymike1

    I'm sure there are those who love it, and those who don't. But, I noticed in game there was a request for "How we doing?". Wellllll, I'm not much on the marty thing. Why? Because I get killed by it tooo many times..haha. Just my two cents worth. Now I'm broke.
  3. Mightymike1

    You live up in the hustle and bustle Sarge. Come on down sometime and we'll go vineyard/brewery hopping!
  4. Mightymike1

    I went back a few years and tuned into Willie and Waylon and the boys today.
  5. Mightymike1

    SgtSmeg, live in the valley near Staunton.
  6. Mightymike1

    Ladies and Gents, I have not posted since I made a move to Virginia. My original sign on was just Mightymike, with an email address of [email protected] This membership should be deleted from your records. On another note, it has been a pleasure playing with you guys, and getting to know you, though I can't really say I appreciate dying at the hands of the like of skuz, or suicide, or vip, and there are many more of you..haha. Thanks for great play time. If there is a way I can support your servers let me know. Mike