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    Photography, Music, Hiking, Traveling, Tattoos, and a bunch of other random shit. :)

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  1. MHsDaughter

    I think you should let her take over more often
  2. Agreed! I have missed the old mod! A lot more fun!
  3. You know I'm pretty sure it was a shared win 50/50 between the few maps
  4. MHsDaughter

    Hey hey hey shady! Welcome you jerk
  5. MHsDaughter

    It's about damn time girly! Congratulations my dear!
  6. MHsDaughter

    Great game ladies and gents! Like I knew we would, the girls kicked some serious ass! It was a great time and I am definitely looking forward to the next one!
  7. MHsDaughter

    I might be a little that to that now, I get off of work at 2. But I'll be there!
  8. MHsDaughter

    I'm there! Let's kick some ass ladies!
  9. MHsDaughter

    I will be out of town that day... So sorry! Wish I could make it!! Good luck yall!
  10. MHsDaughter

    Unfortunately I will be at work at that time! Sorry guys! Good luck tho!
  11. MHsDaughter

    Yeah, I killed @loaderXI my first round as well but it was a fun time! Definitely would like to play more and practice!
  12. MHsDaughter

  13. MHsDaughter

    Nice intro! Welcome girl, glad to have you here! Always a blast playing with you!!



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