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    Photography, Music, Hiking, Traveling, Tattoos, and other random shit. :)

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  1. Ope my bad there bud, didn't know you were on! Sorry
  2. Thats right! Showed up just for you didn't get my autograph though.
  3. MHsDaughter

    So sorry for your loss @Elvis9. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. MHsDaughter

    Welcome back buddy!!
  5. MHsDaughter

    Welcome buddy, glad to see you here! Always a joy kicking your ass in DM See you in game!
  6. MHsDaughter

    This is perfect, better than I expected! Thanks for sharing
  7. MHsDaughter

    Mommy, daddy, please stop fighting... This is a happy place not a political one. Please go to the proper forum for further arguments thank you!
  8. MHsDaughter

    Well I'm not quite from Canada. I am from Minnesota, those are Minnesotan gloves right there.
  9. MHsDaughter

    but I am sorry about it.
  10. MHsDaughter

    Oh you know I got your back girl! Thanks love!
  11. MHsDaughter

    Thank you all for the kind words! I really appreciate all of the support, one the many things I love about our XI family.
  12. MHsDaughter

    Thank you!
  13. MHsDaughter

    Today was my last day at the company I had worked for for almost 7 years. It was my first job and an amazing place to work but today I start a new adventure. I will be pursuing my dream and will be full time with my photography business! I have been doing photography for almost 10 years and professionally for almost 5 specializing in weddings, senior portraits, and family photos but haven't had the ability to put the time and effort into it that I have been wanting to for so long. I am so excited and eager to get started but for the now I am taking a little time for myself, which means I'll be on here kicking ass more often . Here's to change, fresh starts, and following your dreams.
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