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    Photography, Music, Hiking, Traveling, Tattoos, and other random shit. :)

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  1. MHsDaughter

    I believe it's the aug hbar, the green one that no one likes. This has been an issue for some maps on gun game for a while now. After so long if you haven't killed anyone and haven't been killed yourself, it auto upgrades you to the next weapon/level.
  2. MHsDaughter

  3. MHsDaughter

    Fun bag napkin
  4. MHsDaughter

    Hey Buddy! Always a good time kicking your ass on DM
  5. Drum roll please...... Here is my pet squash, his name is Dick and this is a picture of him. You're welcome. @ShadyBrady @Raven
  6. MHsDaughter

    For legal reasons... I'm not allowed to talk about it...
  7. MHsDaughter

    Congratulations and welcome girly!! It's about time! Can't wait to see your shiny new tags in game when you get back from your trip!!
  8. MHsDaughter

  9. MHsDaughter

    Girl!! That is so awesome! Please take lots of pictures to share when you get back! So excited for you!
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