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  1. MHsDaughter

    It's a good time! Haha
  2. MHsDaughter

    Well they just released the season 2 update! Lots of changes, should definitely check it out again! I'll play with you
  3. MHsDaughter

    So I bought the new Modern Warfare 2 warzone game around Christmas and I have been obsessed ever since. I even started posting to TikTok. I make sure to hop on to xi every so often, and when I do I hear a lot of, "Daughter! Where have you been?" "Haven't seen you in a while!" "You haven't played in forever!" I'm still here, just not as often. If any fellow XI members are also playing warzone 2 drop your activation, and let's play! If not, I'll still be popping into the servers. Shoot y'all later! https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRWLM115/
  4. MHsDaughter

    Congratulations!! That's so exciting! Happy for ya!
  5. MHsDaughter

    Not on these servers!!
  6. MHsDaughter

    Social security number, mother's maiden name, and your favorite pets name wouldn't hurt either. Just a few basic things so we can get to know you better Welcome Nanno!
  7. Might hop in after work if y'all are still on!
  8. MHsDaughter

    I've been playing it religiously since Christmas lol. Would love to be able to play with more XI!
  9. I close at work tomorrow so I don't get off until around midnight. If y'all are still on, I'll hop on when I get home!
  10. My grandma flew to Ohio from Oregon to be with us for Christmas this year. She flew in Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we had received a call informing us that my grandpa had passed. My grandma wanted to be there with him when his time came and we all thought she would be. We believe that he knew she was with family, where she needed to be so that he could let go. He had Alzheimer's and it had progressed pretty quickly this last year. My dad, brother, and I were able to fly out last year when he still knew who we were. We were fortunate enough to be able create new memories with him and reminisce on the old ones and enjoy what time we had left with him before saying our goodbyes, knowing that would probably be that last time we would see him, and now he's gone. However, we do believe we will see him again one day and we are grateful he is no longer in any pain or discomfort. He lived a full and happy life and i will forever cherish my memories of him. He's the one that had inspired my interest in photography and I wanted to share one of the last pictures he had taken.
  11. MHsDaughter

    So sorry for you loss. Sending hugs, love and prayers for you and your family.
  12. MHsDaughter

    So sorry for your loss Ricko. Keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love your way!
  13. So sorry I missed it. Ended up working later than I had thought I would. Hope you all had a great time!
  14. MHsDaughter

    Finally! Welcome buddy!
  15. MHsDaughter

    Welcome buddy!! You're officially an Idiot always fun playing with ya!
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