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  1. Remmy

    looks like they are bringing a Modded PC Client of Cod4 remastered to light and it will have dedicated servers! releases on the 24th!! Whats everyone think and whos gonna play it? hopefully it is populated!
  2. Remmy

    prayers for everyone that was effected during this i was just reading about it.
  3. Remmy

    @Mad Doc im in tennessee im middle tennessee not west sadly!
  4. Remmy

    My thoughts and Prayers to the family
  5. Remmy

    Today is the birthday and going on a vacation tomorrow thru sunday! so ill be out for a bit look forward killing you guys tonight before i leave!!
  6. Remmy

    @Izumi I’ll make it fair and play with my feet!
  7. Remmy

    My old mouse has bit the dust and I went out and shopped for a new one! Gonna give this one a try! See you guys in game
  8. It is really a fun time if anyone hasnt done it yet i would highly suggest it. The amount of laughter is too much!!
  9. Remmy

    Oh yeah for sure i grew up in Central City/Bremen KY absolutely loved it there. wish i was still there honestly. we had a river that we would swim/fish in everyday.
  10. Remmy

    Hardin County KY? as in elizabethtown?? i grew up not to far from there!
  11. Remmy

    Sax honestly what I have gathered is it’s there newest server and they are trying to get it more populated and it’s kinda a neutral game mode that everyone can play. But please correct me if I’m wrong
  12. Remmy

    @YACCster now that would be something I would love to get into also. Do you get sneak peeks of new apple products?
  13. Remmy

    I think I’ve seen you in the game a couple times but hope your health and your year gets better!! Hope to see you in the servers!
  14. Remmy

    @tsw 8.5 now that’s a fun job for sure I remember my dad owning a business like that and me being 10 years old and helping him on the side! Fun times for sure!
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