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  1. GHO5T

    Hope all turns well for you and your wife bart do what the doctor says
  2. GHO5T

    gho5t here, still working driving about hour and ten minutes to work on the largest high school in Maryland which happened to be in Montgomery county corona central for Maryland. wife is working from home .Someone might say the reason that I am still working LOL .Stay well Idiots
  3. GHO5T

    majbasil with all this going on in your head. It sure explains a lot lol it
  4. GHO5T

    keep us posted on size my son is allergic to dogs or I would have a lab myself.
  5. GHO5T

    good luck keeping him feed
  6. GHO5T

    that is serious shit good luck and god speed on your recovery
  7. GHO5T

    happy birth day idiots
  8. GHO5T

    no am sure that this is real it is on the internet it has to be real and a noted doctor DR Huhung Low
  9. GHO5T

    happy bithday idiots
  10. GHO5T

    tuesday the 28 of feb I went to work at morgan state university we are finishing up the second floor door hardware .The cart which holds my tools was missing my 20v impact diver, 20v drill ,12v impact, 12v drill, 1 charger ,3 12v batteries ,3 20v batteries only my company had keys to the room what we figured is the lock can't be left unlocked so the last person forgot to pull the door tight to latch it.I was pissed to say the lease after an hour I left.Went to lowes and spent 325$ to replace what was stolen . sunday night just short of mid night my son text my wife and tells her that my tools are listed on facebook thank god I was smart enough to mark my tools.I didn't get much sleep that night . I went to work and told my forman the details he looked up and the listing and said that he knows the guy . we call the police after 4 different calls we where told to call the morgan campus police they took the report then we talked to the kid that took them he said he found them outside the building he gave back 3 of the 4 tools he took and 3 batteries when he was getting the tools out of his car the story changed to in the building out in the open .they handcuffed and arrested him I don't know if they got a search warrant or not. Saw the little shit today he came back for his car and tools ? was told that he lost job and maybe kicked out of apprenticeship program.I am glad I got some tools back still pissed about missing tools and lost pay. A younger me might have been arrested.
  11. GHO5T

    too funnyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. GHO5T

    GREAT NEWS hope the other test are also
  13. GHO5T

    sorry to hear this I had my rotor cuff [sic] torn it healed but took 6 months with pt and a year to get strength back . good luck
  14. GHO5T

    been there I know about back pain good luck on recovery just remember baby steps
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