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  1. GHO5T

    that's funny shit
  2. cancer is a bitch my thoughts and prayers go out to your mom and family
  3. GHO5T

    happy birthday idiots
  4. GHO5T

    my dad and father in-law both at csx in the power bureau in 1985 they moved the office to jacksonville florida my dad was close enough to take early retirement father in-law had to move . I tried to join the railroad in 1979 like my father and grand father but wasn't able to.may be it was a good thing good luck elvis9 where ever you end up. i
  5. GHO5T

    mmmmmm yum
  6. GHO5T

    welcome mountain man we are not all idiots some are complete idiots
  7. GHO5T

    sorry billy I went the other way. I went out and treated my self to a bose system .this is one time that smaller was better
  8. GHO5T

  9. GHO5T

    twice in the back
  10. GHO5T

    sorry to hear bud take care hope your recovery is quick
  11. GHO5T

    fry him for us
  12. GHO5T

    oldie but goodie
  13. happy b day hotrod

    1. HotRod55


      thank you sir


  14. GHO5T

    happy birthday idiots
  15. GHO5T

    nice looking truck !!!!! another pickup with a useless bed
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