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  1. GHO5T

    Nice but I'm with codpiece where is the food!!! A foot long rolling the grill for 4 hours with sauerkraut
  2. GHO5T

    it was a busy day thanks
  3. GHO5T

    this is sad you will be missed in the game and the xi family good luck and best wishes we will be always here
  4. thanks frenchi

  5. thanks for the cake it was sweet

    1. Lovyan


      your welcome :)

  6. GHO5T

    thank you
  7. GHO5T

    what do you tell a woman with two black eyes : answer nothing you already told her twice
  8. GHO5T

    take care dukoo follow doctors orders 50% liver not good
  9. GHO5T

    taste test the door is the only way
  10. GHO5T

    really sorry to hear this take care. speedy recovery dukoo
  11. GHO5T

    prayers for your daughter and your family loader
  12. GHO5T

  13. GHO5T

    sweet love the pics
  14. GHO5T

    god speed on your recovery looking forward to meeting in sept at the fest