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  1. GHO5T

    my wife Mrs muir had her attack after eating a outback blooming onion she thought she was dying
  2. GHO5T

    Mid july me I the wife are going on are maiden trip to Ohio .then in late august we are living full time on the road I need to get a laptop what should I look for . I have from 1 to 10 knowledge on computers about -5.Any help would be appreciate .
  3. GHO5T


    I hope and pray all is well with your family
  4. GHO5T

    glad every thing worked out
  5. wow was that expensive
  6. i will see you idiots in a week the 9 of us are off to disney 4 years in planning should have left oct 2019 see you guys and gals in a week
  7. GHO5T

    cancer is a bitch stay strong for your family brother good thoughts and best wishes
  8. GHO5T

    last two times I made chili was in a crock pot and left for 8+ hours on high .I am sure yours fine . like someone else suggested got to have corn bread . I also want want shredded cheddar [Mexican blend] a spoonful sour cream and spring onions on top . and one more thing to say chili is'nt chili unless it has kidney beans .anything else is dip
  9. GHO5T

    Me and the mrs Muir are think really hard about this first we needed fix and sell the house .I have a 2013 ford f150 two wheel drive .We plan on buying trailer 25- 30 ft will my truck pull this? do I need to step up to F250 4 wheel drive ..Never pulled a trailer
  10. GHO5T

    you were all warned chem trails are flating out the earth
  11. GHO5T

    get well soon jenny hoping the operation goes well
  12. GHO5T

    sorry for your loss take care of yourself and your family see you in the game
  13. GHO5T

    I see all that cooking has come to this one to many steaks in the pan
  14. GHO5T

    sorry to hear the news losing a loved one is tough stay strong see you in the game when you get back
  15. sweet great news did't think starting the year with negative news wouild be soooooo gggrrreeeaaattttt !!!!!!!!!!!
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