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  1. Vakten

    @Timmah! Looking good sir! But when will you English speaking people start using the metric system like the rest of the World 😂
  2. Vakten

    Hope they did a good job with this and dont have weird shit in it
  3. Vakten

    @Timmah! Why didn't you say you were recording? i would have knifed you and you could look at it over and over again and wondering what happened 🔪😂
  4. Vakten

    Congrats to you both 🎉
  5. Vakten

    @FRENCHI what does that mean ? Je ne peux pas français 😅
  6. Vakten

    You´re welcome chiiiiiilee, but i can only take cred for the Bunny hopping part 😎😂
  7. Vakten

    ST done on wifi , but still ok. Since internet and TV is included in the rent i dont know what we actually pay, but for only internet the ISP has 75-150(DL)/7-10(UL) for approximately 36 US dollars. At the moment it´s coax but i hope they will switch to fiber soon since we have fiber to the home.
  8. Vakten

    Yeah many brave people died in the war. Fuck Wars. Only war I'm going to participate in is on the XI server. Salute for all who died in the war!
  9. Vakten

    As Sammy said Chiiile, we will get your GUID, and then BOOOOM beeeech :) Naaahh, I'm just extremely lucky ... and using prefire :) And thx all for the welcome :)
  10. Vakten

    ..Hi everybody! Some of you probably know me from the MW2 freezetag server. I have been playing there now for some time now and i have to say that all of you playing there is what makes it so fun, even though i hate chiles C4 . I have a little bit higher ping since i live in Sweden, but you can always move the server to Sweden, it works better in the cold north . Big thanks for hosting and sorry in advance for knifing you :)
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