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  1. Just download image from internet. I'm uploading files now to my one drive. If it wont help then I can send you my dvd.
  2. You may need fresh cod 4 installation with your genuine cd key.
  3. robdevil

  4. robdevil

    Happy Birthday!!!and... ,,I,,
  5. I was 2nd today. 10 kills! One by vehicle.
  6. robdevil

    As above ^^
  7. robdevil

    No I didnt do Tier. But Ive played some multiplayer and I think is great. Problem is ubisoft friend search engine sucks.
  8. robdevil

    SOB. There is no such thing like hard fcking level for me
  9. robdevil

    I like it too. The problem is I've finished game before I should do it and got quickly bored. But still playing it from time to time.
  10. robdevil

    And you saved my money!
  11. robdevil

    Im so sorry to hear this Wild.
  12. robdevil

    Ive got it too.
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