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  1. IceLizard

    Thank you Sharpe XI for the link. I couldn't find that one. To see if I'm getting the full amount of hz. Always count on XI members to help each other out Always. Lol
  2. IceLizard

    This is what it looks like lol !!!! 1000 Curved
  3. IceLizard

    I finally saved enough money and got it. The new 49" ULTRA-WIDE SAMSUNG ODYSSEY G9 @240HZ. God damn this monitor is soooo nice. Love the graphics. It was a bitch to update it. Lucky there was a thread about it on http://www.overclockers.co.uk On how to update it. Even down to how to and what you need to install it. Also what kind of USB you needed otherwise it wouldn't of worked. But very excited and loving this Samsung G9 240HZ HD 4K !!!!
  4. IceLizard

    By the way that cpu i7-8700 coffee lake used to be Dread69xi but now its all mine. I bought it for a really great price.
  5. IceLizard

  6. IceLizard

    Yup just got one very expensive. Paid way too much fot it. Evga geforce rtx 3070 black edition XC3. And the other pc has a nvidia geforce 1070TI SC
  7. IceLizard

    Full setup
  8. IceLizard

    >IceLizard-XI- here, Wanted to show that putting a lot of time and money. Into my new build. But wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for Dread69-XI-. Thanks to him and all that he did to make this happen.
  9. Dad Where are you?

  10. Dad where are you??

  11. IceLizard

    My Gaming Rig

  12. IceLizard

    I just bought a custom Tee Shirt. Form XI YEAH !!! $25.00 cheap
  13. IceLizard

    Joined group.
  14. IceLizard

    Sorry XI members. I'll be out for a wihle. My headphones broke. So won't be in TS3. Till I get a Pair. Thx for understanding IceLizard11>XI< signing out
  15. IceLizard

    I was going to say the same thing. Get it off the floor!!! you should have it at least on a table!!! Off the floor big time. Even when you vaccum or walk by. You would have to blow it out atleast 2 times a week!!! This is My setup
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