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  1. Lewis

    I had a great time playing with ka ge, sometimes shiny. You should come play with us
  2. Lewis

    Oh sorry guys, I forgot to add the link It is http://www.twitch.tv/limaechowhisky or just search for LimaEchoWhisky hoping to take streaming more seriously
  3. Hi everyon!, I've very recently started streaming on Twitch, come by and watch!. Would be awesome if fellow members of XI would follow my channel!
  4. Lewis

    Good advice, thank you!
  5. Lewis

    Thanks bud!
  6. Lewis

    Me nan's gaff mate!
  7. Lewis

    sounds extra saucy boys
  8. Lewis

    Thanks everyone!, only just noticed this ?. Appreciate the welcome!
  9. Lewis

    Why thank you!!!
  10. Lewis

    She's talking about my ass
  11. Lewis

    it's the only thing I'm good for
  12. Here's me and my mate FunkyJosh
  13. Lewis




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