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  1. wow.. we just got back from a Xmas cruise to learn of this.. so saddened and shocked, as Dadda and i are close in age.. RIP Dadda, and my condolences to Sandra, and all others. Dan aka ScRiPt3r
  2. Hey, buddy, Happy birthday!!

    Sorry I missed the post yesterday.  Hope your day was fantastic.


  3. ScRiPt3r

    this is pinging over into Pittsburgh PA, and out to Denver CO from Akron OH. doing a tracert, i am 16 hops total, mid 40's on ping..
  4. ScRiPt3r

    how can you have a ping like that to the server, and still suck so bad? *asking for a friend..
  5. NNNNOOOOOO..............
  6. ya tell me about it.. this is me and my girls in 1992, Heather just turned 32 in september, and Charlene turned 30 in december.. talk about feeling old.. lol
  7. hey scripter how are you brother ? long time  :yahoo:




    1. ScRiPt3r


      Master :) just saw this.. yea i know.. lol i'm slo.. ;) hope everythign is good with you!

  8. ScRiPt3r

    I vote Nashville. when Agnus gets all bourbon-ed up and out of hand, we can string him up by his fruit o the looms between the ears of the bat tower.. just saying...
  9. ScRiPt3r

    humble thank you's offered to all.
  10. is this better Kayak? this was me at work swapping out a couple servers and dreaming of how i wish my basement looked.. heh
  11. it was 34 degrees heh trying to keep my mug from freezing off lol
  12. Hi All. So.. this is the replacement bike i got after i was run over last summer, and i have had a lot of work done to it, including 14" Yaffe bars, engine work, new daymaker leadlights, a 360 LED accent light kit, Rockford Fosgate speakers and amp, one touch side bags, new rims, tires, etc.. hopefully things will pan out and i will get to show this beauty off at the fest in Niagra this year.
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