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  2. Hi Yacc. As to the cottages.. are they all 1 floor only? I have to consider that when looking at rooms, as we do not want to have to deal with a lot of stairs.. thanks man!
  3. Sharon and I will be there. I would like to request due to our mobility issues (she had a knee replaced, and I'm a fatass that hates stairs lol) a first floor room, limited stairs that way for her. thank you!
  4. ScRiPt3r

    #true.dat lol
  5. ScRiPt3r

    excuse me, but i must call bullshit. what do you mean it isn't @wildthing ? I was at the fest in Cincinnati, I SAW YOU TWO.. been bleaching my eyes out ever since trying to clear that out of my brain..
  6. ScRiPt3r

    sooo.. how's the weather treating ya today? kinda sucks here in NE ohio.. again..
  7. dammit.. i missed M!dget this time? well shit .. did anyone get a shot of the soapbox he sits on to reach the camera?
  8. ScRiPt3r

    did not have a clue that you are LBB.. hiya from the player formerly known as [PSI]ScRiPt3r or [PSI][email protected] BBB and I have had a load of laughs in the past, and to hear this is very saddening.. i have a few of the meme's i made oh.. around 11 years ago.. if you would like, i can post them or send them to you. where will services be held? like, in general, what city and state? if i can work it out with my employment, i would be highly interested in attending.. my deepest condolences, LBB, the world has lost a good guy with BBB's passing..
  9. ScRiPt3r

    then you probably know the devices i have been repairing and maintaining for 21 years now that are called Pyxis. :)
  10. ScRiPt3r

    thanks everyone! this year, Sharon and I were in Maine, having fresh crab stuffed lobster for my birthday dinner, combined with over 2500 miles of beautiful riding for my birthday week of PTO, including a stop at the home of Stephen King in Bangor. Maine is GORGEOUS, even with us finding Duc up there lol
  11. ScRiPt3r

    Same here. Sharon and I have been waiting on this announcement, as everyone knows, we were going to the 18 fest, but the bike accident happened, and screwed us up.. BTW.. this is what we picture when we envision the XI Fest, and we are sooooo looking forward to this!!
  12. ScRiPt3r

    you just gave me a Heavy metal flashback. :)
  13. sorry i missed it.. i was busy drinking and burning shit saturday evening/sunday morning lol i think we went to bed around 330.. https://www.facebook.com/100000007654814/videos/6049746171702245/
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