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  1. I'm trying to figue out how or weather it's possible to speak into my mic without pressing the "z" button. Like the speech activation on TeamSpeak servers. Anyone having an idea which settings I have to try with? I can hear everyone (in my team - especially Roxy when she get's shot and screeming), and peple on my team only can hear me, when I press the "Z" button.
  2. KamikazePit

    And Stink0 feels discriminated against
  3. KamikazePit

    I guess some of the ingame teleporters kicked you out of the map. Cheater!!
  4. KamikazePit

    Wünsche Dir gute Besserung und vor allem dass Du Dein Gehör in vollem Umfang wieder erhältst
  5. KamikazePit

    I were also playing at that time and got it as well. Lecacal writes and speaks french and so far as I understood, he told is friend to come to a TS server. As far as I can judge, he tries to play without any hacks. Then, if he get's bashed too often, he possibly first tries to get ponits by using glitches in maps or even turns on his wallhack and hides at any corner. When I spectated him, I could see him respawning, not moving for about 3-5 seconds, by staring at a wall (activating his wallhack or bindings?) Whenever you got into his perimeter he always knwe from which direction you come, and already faces you to shoot.
  6. KamikazePit

    Well, soon we will have a remix of the good old blue screen, hotfixes during gameplay, and Cortana wants you to give help by using your weapons and killing peolpe. Sounds good
  7. KamikazePit

    I'm so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
  8. Do you share your Steam Account so he can play? Or does he have an own account? Edit: Does he hae an own pc, or are you sharing the same pc? In that case, steam might be the problem.
  9. KamikazePit

    Maybe that's why?
  10. KamikazePit

    And there's the reason why our (german) constructions last forever...
  11. KamikazePit

    Not my own chistmas tree, since mine will be finished this weekend, but one, I plantetd for children. Beside my main job, I have a part-time job at a foundation which assists people like homeless, refugees, children, and very young mothers with their children and more. This tree, I planted for those little children to make them happy. And it worked. They love their own christmas tree in the front yard and their eyes began to shine. About up to eight mothers with their children live at that house which has small 2 room appartments, a livingroom and a kitchen to share and have a 24h assist of social educators.
  12. KamikazePit

    I like working on holidays or satudays. 99.9% there is noone to get on my nerves. Most idoits are at least one or moe level higher than me, and most of the time at home.
  13. KamikazePit

    in some cases there is a canceled download file. Change your view to "show hidden / concealed fielnames" or something like that (I don't exactly know how it's written in english). Then you should find some files with crazy names lieke 1hk23mioue1345.** Remove them as well. COD tries to finish the download and detects a wrong version.
  14. KamikazePit

    I don't use double tap. And it feels like having a toy gun in my hand. Pink! mentioned this phenomenon on the freez tag server yesterday as well. There was a discussion about it with some more players.
  15. KamikazePit

    I think, in this discussion, we have the problem, that two subjects are joined together 1) Server settings - da disuccion about them 2) Hackers / Cheaters / Tweakers / Binders - a never ending story Maybe this topic should be devided. When I used to play cod uo, the clan I joined played in the European ESL. After Punkbuster stopped the support of COD (UO) some of the admins and server hoster joined in a team where we developped a tool similar to PB which had to be installed. And we had always in clan wars a referee onboard as spectator. Every player had to record himself.
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