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  1. AlphaDog

    Purchased a couple new items for my Man cave/Game room! Bought a new gaming chair and wireless headphones!
  2. AlphaDog

    Not too sure, reformatted and reinstalled now
  3. AlphaDog

    Ok, seems to be working now....argggg pain in the ass!
  4. AlphaDog

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have tried most of these and will keep you updated. Thanks again!
  5. AlphaDog

    I have Just upgraded almost my whole system, MB is a MSI Z390 pro gaming carbon, processor is Intel i7 8700, 48 gigs RAM, sound card is Creative labs soundblaster Z, I have tried all and every suggestion on here and then some. I can hear the game fine, footsteps, shots, deathjs..ect...just cannot hear anyone talk or anyone can hear me. When i press Z, i see the chat speaker, but no one can hear me. I have tested my mike in the soundblaster set up and can hear it fine, in COD when i go to sound settings, I can see the chat bar move when i talk...I am at a loss...just reformatted my whole system again..will let you know if that fixes it
  6. AlphaDog

    yes, i cannot hear anyone talk either
  7. AlphaDog

  8. AlphaDog

    Ok so i pretty much built a new PC, i have everything loaded properly, game , sound card drivers. all good..i can test my mic and its working fine. In game i have chat enabled. But in game i cannot hear anyone talk and they cannot hear me? I see the speaker appear when i press z, but no one can hear me ! any suggestions?
  9. AlphaDog

    Spent three hours playing this game yesterday, was doing great, collected all kinds of items, crafted some weapons built some shit...then BOOM stepped on a fucking mine...had to start all over...fuck this game...wast of time and money! PISSED
  10. AlphaDog

    yep, and i can never find any of what is needed to complete the task...i either die of starvation, fall off a cliff, get killed by a bear....ect
  11. AlphaDog

    So i bought the game, found our server...and wtf! i have NO FUCKING CLUE! i gather all this stuff, and die..then i have to start ALL OVER! I am a frustrated IDIOT!
  12. AlphaDog

    Well 1200 dollars later I am back in business! New processor New Mother Board New power Supply New Video Card Wife is going to divorce me, so now I need a new Wife! 😂
  13. AlphaDog

    I should be back in business this weekend! 👍👍
  14. AlphaDog

    Thanks for all your info jester, my motherboard was bad..ordered a new one...waiting patiently. I will be back in the saddle soon!
  15. AlphaDog