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  1. AlphaDog

    Yes , live outside Buffalo in Lancaster....
  2. Please send prayers for the families of the senseless tragedy today in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. Such a sad and tragic day!
  3. Please send prayers for the families of the senseless tragedy today in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. Such a sad and tragic day!
  4. AlphaDog

    Airfield Electrician, Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Our motto is: "We light the night for your safe flight" I repair and maintain all the airfield lighting systems, Taxiways, Runways, Airfield signage...ect.
  5. I have seen them many times to save the perk from being stolen. It's a stupid perk that should be removed...imo
  6. I for one would like to see the heist perk removed...after getting robbed of my streaks I started using it...but really hate it!
  7. AlphaDog

    Thanks All!
  8. AlphaDog

    First of all, my condolences for the tragic loss of your brothers. It hits all of us in the Motorcycle community. Very tragic and sad. Second, Thank you for your service! I have also lost brothers to tragic accidents, it never gets easier. I currently have a great friend in a brain rehabilitation home in PA because a driver decided she did not want to turn, and went straight through a red light at the last second and hit him. We do not think he will ever recover. My wife and I also LOVE to ride, there is no greater freedom. I share your motto, that if i die while riding, at least i died doing what i love. So my condolences to you, your extended biker family and all the loved ones impacted by this tragedy!
  9. every time the map changes, i get this error
  10. AlphaDog

    Welcome Rwinn!
  11. AlphaDog

    Sending lots of prayers for your daughter! Heartbreaking! ??????
  12. AlphaDog

    So Sad, RIP Hue
  13. AlphaDog

    So sorry to hear, sending lots of prayers! ???
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