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    Ah I know this was a few days ago but now but I haven't played since and enjoying playing with you too!
  3. avengedJC

    Thanks, read and noted!
  4. avengedJC

    hahaha thanks!
  5. avengedJC

    Thanks guys and gals!
  6. avengedJC

    Hi all, Some of you might recognise me from the cod4 Freezetag server. Well I have been playing there for quite some time although I know not very consistently - I tend to go through stints of playing. Nevertheless I wanted to register here and see where that leads! Maybe to playing much more often and/or play some other games like Insurgency: Sandstorm. I am not the biggest gamer but have always enjoyed playing in my spare time. When cod4 came out I was completely addicted and a member of the AiR (Army in Rage) clan for quite some time. They are no more though unfortunately. I'm from the UK and also enjoy motorcycles, music, CrossFit and I am really interested in health and nutrition. Thanks for continuing the servers on cod4 where they are getting more and more hard to come by! See you soon in game!
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