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  1. avengedJC

    Hey MISERY! Nice to see you here... shoot ya in game!
  2. avengedJC

    Love a bit of Boris! I'm going to see him in a few weeks time in London!
  3. avengedJC

    It was certainly an interesting video and I did enjoy it. It was well put together! Cool, is the >XI< TS for clan members only? Yeah the server thing is a bummer in games nowadays. And also you get disbanded after a match unless in a party which is soooo frustrating. Anyway, that's to complain to companies like Infinity Ward haha! Nice! Is there a place you guys join together to play?
  4. avengedJC

    Possibly ironic after @Barron just posted the "downfall of CoD" video but... I was wondering if anyone would be playing the new MWII beta this weekend or the game when it's released? Thought it might be fun to shoot some of ya in a more modern game too!...
  5. avengedJC

    i'm sure the queen would be particularly impressed by this respectful (was it ever!?) thread regarding her death turning into banter about ballz by you IDIOTS!
  6. avengedJC

    Did you manage to get the auto-thaw cfg file to work that LOCO posted? If not then I guess perhaps something about steam is a problem for that workaround. I too have just been using the /+activate console function.
  7. avengedJC

    I'll check for no extra spaces but I just downloaded the file from the other thread you referenced earlier. I do have a steam copy though... just changed to it as got a new laptop. But does this make a difference and if so how come? Thanks.
  8. avengedJC

    I tried this today but didn't' seem to work... will have another go tomorrow! using /+activate worked well though :). Thanks all!
  9. avengedJC

    Wow that's interesting for sure haha! Might try it in the future. But picking up weapons unintentionally also does sound a bit annoying.
  10. avengedJC

    Yeah :/... mine was slightly different, it read something along the lines of, "There was an error loading 'bo2overflow_loadscreen'".
  11. avengedJC

    Hey Teki! nice playing with you the past few days!
  12. avengedJC

    WOW AMAZING pictures of the eagle! I had to click and zoom on them to get a closer look. Hope you enjoyed that weekend!
  13. Just thought I'd post a reply to add/update to the discussion, since I just purchased a digital version of the game from steam the other day (previously always used my trusty physical disk). When I installed the game from steam I was on this weird 1.8 version. I went to search for a server for the first time, there were a bunch of servers named "CoD4 1.7 downgrade", "downgrade v1.7", "MORE SERVERS v1.7" etc. So I just clicked on one and boom fixed. I guess other server owners have cleverly been on the case already! There were only maybe 3/4 servers for the 1.8 version. I expect then that most people see the server list and do as I did. Or at least that's what we hope so the player base isn't effected too much!
  14. avengedJC

    I wonder if there are any other Anjunafam as members here!?
  15. avengedJC

    Aweome! Thanks for the detailed response J3st3r this was exactly what I was looking for. I did wonder after posting this if a config was against the rules and I remember the 333 being against the rules from the high days of promod. I'll have a go at editing these tonight thought, thanks again!
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