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  1. WldPenguin

    I always did like older men!
  2. Blonde, brunette, redhead...........I get bored easily
  3. I will post a real picture of me when I get home from the office
  4. Guess which one is me???
  5. WldPenguin

    Here's mine
  6. WldPenguin

    Happy Birthday, Tiger......from you know....the one who is considerably older than you!
  7. Life can be taxing.....

  8. WldPenguin

    Have a great birthday!
  9. WldPenguin

    Roxy, thank you SO much for asking me.....and thank you also to Pink for her help! I know others have asked before, but Roxy asked at the right time
  10. WldPenguin

    Hey, I can't help that it I dragged my "happy feet" about joining.....I can waddle only so fast ya know
  11. WldPenguin

    Congrats on your tags
  12. WldPenguin

    Chile, and what exactly are you saying?
  13. WldPenguin

    Thank you all, for the warm welcome......except for Tiger.......don't you know, Tiger, that I don't even know where the kitchen is??? How on earth could I make cookies?
  14. WldPenguin

    I went to an event in Detroit over the weekend that many people coming from the Chicago area couldn't make it in because of that pile-up.......was a pretty scary weekend for travel. If you include the cars that piled up in the other direction as well, the total count was something like 170 or more.
  15. Best bang for your buck for getting around Las Vegas is the Duece Bus....you can get a 2-hour, 24-hour or 3 day pass for $6, $8, or $20. It stops at every casino along the strip and Fremont Street, which is downtown Vegas where the D is. We tried all of the transportation options and that was the best by far.
  16. WldPenguin

    Hope you're having an AWESOME birthday, GG!
  17. WldPenguin

    Yep, this is about the time of year I search for my COD2 CD.........sigh........
  18. Penguin bells, penguin bells.....oh wait! Wrong song.....

    1. cold fusion

      cold fusion

      Too funny penguin!!

  19. WldPenguin

    Ice Bank Mice Elf say it out loud
  20. WldPenguin

    Hope you've had an awesome birthday, Angus!
  21. WldPenguin

    Just wanted to share my great find on newegg for a 24" Acer monitor........$99.99 out the door, free shipping! It's going to look really nice on my desk at my office I believe the price is good through Sunday.
  22. WldPenguin

    Here's to an awesome birthday, Kiwi!
  23. WldPenguin

    Here's to an awesome birthday, Ripper!
  24. WldPenguin

    This thread has gone off-topic a bit with the whole discussion of pyramid schemes....but please do your research before calling all network marketing companies pyramid schemes. It is a pliable way that many companies bring their products to market, and even Donald Trump and Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki are involved in networking products to market. It eliminates the need for heavy advertising and marketing dollars, thus allowing the $ to be paid to the sales force. Companies without products that just recruit are what gives the profession a bad rap. When you think about it, the government is a pyramid, most companies are a pyramid, and within network marketing and many other industries there will be good and bad, but not all are "schemes".
  25. WldPenguin

    Well, regardless of what it is called, the problems and solutions I've seen my nephews bring home are definitely not fiction. The solutions are so ridiculously arrived at, that as a former math & science tutor, I would have difficulty at this point helping a student with such.
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