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  1. You missed the point of me not even getting a chance to use it. I'm not talking about hording kill streaks. And, even if I do decide to not use my kill streaks, that is my choice and goes along with my style of play and my tactics that I use while playing to win. And your last sentence says it all about people who support heist, it is about making sure I can't use what I want....it's all about what you want me to be able to use. Why should you or anyone else get a say so in how I use my killstreaks or perks?
  2. How about we get rid of heist and that will be solved. Heist is nothing more than this mods version of a participation trophy. It says, "hey, you don't have to get better as a player and earn your own killstreaks, you can just take everyone else's. " It is absolute nonsense. No one was ever good or great when they started playing and we all play with players that are good and there will always be someone better than you. It is up to you to get better. Players should not be punished because they are able to get killstreaks. This trying to make the game "fair" for everyone is not making it fair for everyone. If I have just killed someone, got my killstreak, and was shot immediately, I did not even get a chance to use it, but someone can take it from me? That is bullshit. And don't get me on the "use hacker perk" crap. So, you're saying I have to waste a perk of mine just to keep someone from taking something I earned through my hard work, not theirs? Again, absolute bullshit.
  3. I'm right there with you on this. I'd rather play another server, but that server is only populated 3 hours out of the evening and I work nights, so I don't get to play there often as I would like. I need to find other servers that stay populated. This current mod has ruined the server in my opinion. It use to stay full well into the morning hours on the weekends. Now, it is empty by midnight. For me, the heist perk, trophy perk, time it takes to change to a car, and now the limited spawn protection after being a car, and several other issues not addressed, make this mod absolutely terrible.
  4. This shorter time sure has killed my ability to get behind the team and wreak havoc. It has also kept me from being able to move from where I was seen changing to a car which leaves me vunerable to enemy fire sooner without being able to defend myself because my gun doesn't come out as fast after re-spawning from a car. The whole point in having more time after re-spawn is to have time to get into a position where I'm not compromised and can pull my gun out. Also, you might as well take out every map that allows you to get completely across it with combat medic since you are so worried about people being taken out from behind. That perk in itself causes the very issue you are trying to "fix" on small maps. In summation, this new time limit sucks ass and is stupid, like a lot about this mod.
  5. All of this would be fine if every player was slow and camped and there were few people on the server. It is not merely a way to avoid getting killed. I can start changing into a car while no one is around and anyone can come around the corner and they end up killing me when I go to a black screen because I have no way to defend myself. By your statement, you think I should make sure an entire area that I am in is clear before changing to a car, otherwise, oh well? That is just stupid. How am I suppose to know that someone is near by or not before changing into my car? Especially with combat medic and the ability to get across the map without being seen when they are in spawn protection. The last mod took forever to change to a car, but this mod is infinitely worse. Another thing that needs changed is the instant UAV that gives away your position at the end of the round. If you are the last person alive fighting against multiple people, you are screwed. I'm not sure why that is even in the mod.
  6. Something needs to be done about the RCs. I shouldn't die when my screen goes completely black while changing to a car. And, if I die due to that, I shouldn't lose my RC when I respawn as I never used it. As soon as my firearm disappears when I try to change to anything, I should be protected from any form of enemy fire as I can no longer protect myself. I'm with Drimp on the EMPs. I have never liked that it effects my vision, even in the last mod. My eyes are not electronic.
  7. It's been a fun 5 years, but this mod is not for me. Sorry Sammy, I'm sure you worked hard on it, but it is just not to my liking. There are far more things I dislike about it, than like. Good luck everyone. Have fun.
  8. Explosive RC doesn't blow up the thawing RC, WHY? If the last person on the other team changes to a thawing RC and I have an explosive RC, I can't blow them up to keep them from thawing their team?
  9. So, while in game you say to come to the forums should we have any concerns or suggestions about the mod. And the answer you have to something I see that this mod could do without to make it better is "accept the changes and suck it the fuck up" How about this, go fuck yourself.
  10. Can you get rid of the light show and noise associated with it when you thaw someone? The last thing I want as the last person alive trying to thaw people, is the star trek type of thawing light show and noise giving away my general location.
  11. Bing

    Happy Birthday Syckle, you bastard!!!!!!
  12. Bing

    Drunk off my ass and no one is on COD4!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRTGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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