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    fishing(mostly with flyrod)
    Photography(canon 7D mk2 and 7D 100-400mm 300mm f2.8,panasonic zs100 and underwater)

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  1. leadpoison

    I have tried restarting, etc. but am getting stopped cold when "redirect" comes up.???????????
  2. leadpoison

    Some shots.

    Just some pics I'd like to share, mostly from recent trips.
  3. Anyone else having problems getting game to launch after windows 10 Creator(destroyer) update? Loader and I spent a long time troubleshooting yesterday with no success. He says I am missing files and folders now in master cod 2 folder.
  4. leadpoison

    My prayers to you and all your family. I hope you can find some peace in this sad time.
  5. leadpoison

    Just back from Montana, Alberta, and BC which I learned means "Bring Cash!" Can't get on TDM. You must be messin around in there, Loader. Hope your Mom gets better soon.
  6. leadpoison

    Mean marmot
  7. leadpoison

    Some shots

    Mostly trips.
  8. It's official. I'm in. Leadpoison
  9. Yesterday I had the same prob as the Dutch Idiot. Today I reinstalled the game. Now, I can't get past the map download(failure downloading the first file of either DM or TDM) for DM or TDM. Stops on "XIT..." file. Makes no sense. I can download and play in Area 51 though.
  10. leadpoison

    I can't get on the DM server either. Says "Failure downloading file..." 4.iwd But it keeps recreating a similar file with .tmp added
  11. leadpoison

    Shoot and Release

    Assorted pics.
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