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  1. ColdSore

    Thanks for the info! I didn't even consider looking at the file properties. I'll poke around that thought and see if I can find the issue. I don't launch through steam but steam launches when I start the game. Is there a way to disable steam from starting? That's another thing I didn't look at before. Too involved trying to find the technical reason instead of the easy solution lol forest for the trees.
  2. OK, for the past year,after rebuilding and reinstalling the OS, I have failed countless times attempting to reload COD2 from the CD. All attempts to get it working failed regardless of the tricks others have posted on the internet having success( I spent a good 2 months trying to figure this out and I have an IT/coding background). I decided to purchase a copy on Steam, which loaded fine, but ANYTHING I do to the config file is wiped clean when I log into COD2 through steam! FCK STEAM but that's another topic. If I add color to my name, all settings are set back to factory spec. Loading the last map I received an error that the hunk megs were not set high enough, 160. I backed out of the game, made the adjustment to 512 but sure as shit Steam reset ALL setting back to factory. I'm about to give up. Yeah I know it's an old game, yada, yada, yada, but it's one of MY favorites and I really enjoy the folks that play on that server. I don't give a crap about colors in my name but when I get an error like I did it should be an easy fix, when you aren't running through steam! There are a lot of smart people here(ok a FEW smart people here, lol) and hoping someone has run into something similar and may have a clue how to avoid the steam re-wrights. BTW if I reset the settings in game they stick, but you can't fix Hunk_ megs nor add color to your name through the in game menu. The exact error is Hunk_allocAlign Failed on 264320 bytes, total 160MB, low 0MB, high 159MB.
  3. ColdSore

    Something else learned. When you install a Steam version you can not modify your name in the config file so no colors! If I paste this in ^9Cold^1Sore, it reverts back to Unknown when you enter the game. Anyone know a work around for that little bugger?
  4. ColdSore

    I think I have it figured out. All DX crapola. I saved my config file beforehand and now dropping that into the new install is causing some issues but that's on me to fix the config file to work with the new install. I was able to get multiplayer running, find the server and DL maps but DX problems still haunting me. I expect I'll be back on sometime over the weekend, if not sooner, but my wife's PC took a dump 2 days ago so I'm replacing her hardware with my old stuff. What a pain to get it cleaned up and moved. Even more painful to hear her complain "I can't find it". Thus is the life of the PC world, grateful you're there to fix the problem but quickly forgotten when data goes missing. lmao
  5. ColdSore

    Well I fooled around a little more and find the problem is ONLY multiplayer. Standalone works fine.
  6. ColdSore

    Thought that was worth a try for $12.99 but still no love. Same error at the same place. Strange. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. ColdSore

    After a new system build and loading win 10 I can't get COD 2 to even start without crashing, no error message except COD quit working and is shutting down. I have installed/uninstalled using every compatibility option available, researched the web for the past few days and tried every kind of wacky idea to no avail. Digging into the windows logs after a crash I found this message which is pretty cryptic to me, Exception code 0xc0000005 is an Access Violation. An AV at fault offset 0x00000000 means that something in your service's code is accessing a nil pointer. You will just have to debug the service while it is running to find out what it is accessing. So as I stated I have attempted all compatibility modes(currently installed using Vista, SP2, no desk top Icons installed but do have active X12 installed), Running as admin results are the same. Anyone have an idea to the cause? Similar issue and found the solution? Thanks in advance.
  8. ColdSore

    Wish you would play that server more...you're fcking good! And thanks for the support.
  9. ColdSore

    Thanks for the support all. 99.9% of the time I laugh it off and play on but 1 person started(non member). then another, then another. I'm sure by the end of the map(I was 3rd and accused of hacking lol) everyone on the server was thinking the same. Loader hit the nail on the head with my hopes the poor confused soul will read this and stop the BS running from his mouth.
  10. ColdSore

    For most of the later years, 8-9 I have played as ColdSore. Never been a TDM lover though I have been known to play on occasion. I was going to play in the COD TDM tournament on Pimped out Pete's team a couple of years ago that never came to fruition. I remember you as well. I never left, just had some name calling last night that was uncalled for.
  11. It's been a while since posting so after some COD2 verbal abuse last night I'd thought to come here and reintroduce myself. I play as ColdSore. I'm 60. I have always lived an active lifestyle, rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, I think you get the picture. I am a Father and a husband, home owner, 3 dogs to entertain, garden to tend and hiking trail to maintain. I'm not a couch potato, am in good shape for my age and yes I have decent reflexes as some well know. Some days I get a bit of a short break in life and get the pleasure to play some COD. It's the only game I play regularly on line and I only like death match. I play because it's FUN, win or lose. I don't win anything, no recognition, no nothing so why in the hell would someone think I would cheat is beyond me. Why anyone would WANT to cheat to begin with is even further from my reality. I've been gaming since games were invented and probably 4+ years on this server alone. I broke into online games playing Q3 Excessive. It was the fastest, no BS game ever...still to this day nothing has surpassed Q3 Excessive for run & gun imo. Xi runs one of the last COD Excessive mod servers on the web, most members are good people, admins spot on and fun to frag with so this is where I prefer to play. In the COD heyday I played on the iX server with Worm(Excessive designer) until they closed shop. Was a member at BHC but that clan took a turn for the worse, I removed my tags and moved on. In those days I thought BlownAwaybyLewinski was a girl. Lol BTW…I have never played COD standalone! BOTs suck. While hanging out with the iX clan I was taught quite a bit about the intricacies of the COD config file from the guy that designed the Excessive mod. I would be more than happy to share my config but honestly it’s been so long since I was tweaking it I don’t remember half the settings but it would be easy to compare side by side. PM me. I don’t use a headset for 2 reasons: 1. I have a set of Klipsch 5.1 speakers that sound sensational, cost me a bit and they help me locate where the next victim is. 2. I work for an international company and I am in conference calls most of my day wearing a headset and mic. The last thing I want to do is come home and wear another f’in headset! I DO have a headset and mic, a few have heard me in game but again I PREFER to NOT use a headset when I play. Some suggested I use a standalone mic but the feedback isn’t controllable when using external speakers. I like most of the players that populate the server but now and then some folks get their panties in a wad and start accusing me of wall hacking, invincibility, laser sites, etc. I usually ignore the comments but there are days when it just gets to be silly. Hell those same people think Viper and Crazyman are also hacks! They just can’t stand the fact that they still suck at COD after all these years. Hehe I have seen the admins step in and ban, (at least kick) for less than what was said last night. From my understanding of the Xi rules if you think someone is cheating you notify an admin, not mouth off on the server. I'm not looking to have anyone called out, hand slapped or whatever, I just want to be able to join the server and have some good game play, win or lose without the BS accusations. I don’t have time in my life to listen to BS and honestly it doesn’t reflect well on Xi either. Thanks for reading. I’m hoping this will put ColdSore in a human perspective and earn enough respect from the confused to stop diarrhea of the mouth. Look forward to fragging your ass right off the map!
  12. ColdSore

    Wow this sever has some serious issues still. Ping all over the place fo eveyone that could get in. Took me 5 tries, played for 10 min then connection dropped. I got back in but...
  13. ColdSore

    Y'all goin to be in my backyard. Woot. Advice; If ya start hearin banjo music pucker up. Be ready for huge amounts of people, over 1 million visitors visit the Smokies in the month of Oct. because it's "leaf season". If your local you don't go there. Slim cell service and often times you'll get the "all circuits busy" message. I'm an outdoor enthusiast so if anyone needs to know some good site seeing routes/hikes PM me and I can give you some suggestions. If you mountain bike we have over 40 miles of single track 4 miles from DT Knoxville and a commercial track in Gatlinburg, pay and rents bikes. Secret Local Stuff... 1. Driving here? Don't follow I-40 to exit 407 like all the other tourists. Take 441 in DT Knoxville to bypass a shit-ton of traffic. If you are brave and no one in the car gets motion sick try; 441→ White School Rd→ Goose Gap→ Waldons Creek→Hwy 321→ Parkway to Gatlinburg. It's REAL curvy. All you Northerners laugh at us cancelling schools when they talk about snow but this IS a school bus route. Seymour Grill on the way through Seymour for local Mom & Pop home cookin. No alcohol though. :-( 2. Driving between PF and Gatlinburg will take between 30-60 min depending of time of day regardless of what yer app says. 3. If there is a bear within site of the road ALL traffic comes to a STOP! NO JOKE! You have to pee? Go lookin for a bush. I usually lay on the horn for a min or so and the bear runs away. Great way to meet new friends. lol 4. The drive from Sugarland Visitor Center to the "Quiet Side", Townsend, is a great way to get a feel for the mountains with minimal walking. There is an old settlement to explore , waterfalls that are roadside and many great swimming holes if not afraid of some shrinkage. If the water is high enough it's my favorite river to kayak so you may get to watch some kayaking over the waterfalls. :-) 5. If you take the "daring route" remember how you did it because leaving is worse traffic than arriving. I'm going to make it a point to visit Gatlinburg that weekend to see if the IQ actually drops. That bar isn't set very high in this part of the country. :-)
  14. ColdSore

    Hands down the BEST carts is the Nascar Speedpark. I've spent all day there wreckin the carts havin a blast. They have arcade games, mini golf, and a pay one price for unlimited everything deal available. https://nascarspeedpark.com/tickets/ It's a good distance from Gburg though. Maybe a 30 min car ride depending on traffic. https://nascarspeedpark.com/ Whatever you do DON"T bother with Cooters indoor carts. It truly sucks. More like bumper cars than go-carts. OK for small kids if you need to entertain them and get them a kart fix but no fun for adults. Every time I went there Cooter was really hanging out signing autographs. It's also the only place in the country left to purchase a confederate flag if you so desire. Amazon even banned them! Hope this helps. Ohhh yea almost forgot about Hillbilly Golf! Go there. Pay the money and go. You will pass it on the left coming into Gburg on the main drag. It's a unknown national treasure.
  15. ColdSore

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