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  1. Welcome to the forums Scarlett, and cheers!
  2. Happy Birthday Zapp!
  3. Happy Birthday Landshark!
  4. Welcome to >XI<!!
  5. Now we know why you're not a professional comedian.
  6. Phuck em if they can't take a joke!
  7. Happy Birthday Lead!!
  8. Welcome to >XI<!
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  10. Welcome to our clan!!
  11. Welcome to the forums my friend, it's nice to know who I'll be shooting in the back! Cheers!
  12. Happy Birthday Rugg!
  13. Rest in peace tough guy, you will be missed by many including myself. So sorry for his loved ones.
  14. So sad to learn Male is gone. Please let me know date and time for COD4 event and I would be delighted to participate. I always enjoyed playing with male, he never had a bad thing to say about anyone and I respected him for that. RIP my friend, God bless.
  15. Hope you have a great B-day buddy!