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  1. Painsponge

    Looking forward to it!😀
  2. Painsponge

    Thanks man, I gotter worked out!
  3. Painsponge

    Alrightythen, thank you for the kind advice. I did delete HLSW and will prolly need Loader's help getting that set up.
  4. HELP!! I can't seem to connect to the COD2 DM server. Through HLSW or otherwise, WTF?
  5. Painsponge

    Welcome to >XI<!! 😀
  6. Painsponge

    Happy Birthday WarDragon!!
  7. Painsponge

    I thought this was supposed to happen the 2nd weekend in September,...thought I missed out. If not I am still interested!
  8. Painsponge

    Welcome to the forums Scarlett, and cheers!
  9. Painsponge

    Happy Birthday Zapp!
  10. Painsponge

    Happy Birthday Landshark!
  11. Painsponge

    Welcome to >XI<!!
  12. Painsponge

    Now we know why you're not a professional comedian.
  13. Painsponge

    Phuck em if they can't take a joke!
  14. Painsponge

    Happy Birthday Lead!!