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  1. Painsponge

    Welcome to Extreme Idiots!
  2. Good for you bud! My shit is 2016 and not getting any younger. Technology needs to slow down!
  3. Painsponge

    Geez, I did not expect to visit the site and read this sad news. I knew Mac had a tough time and that he'd been fighting back for a long time now. I'm so sorry to learn he is gone. My deepest sympathy to Mac's family and all who loved him. He will be greatly missed here by his >XI< family. Rest in peace big guy, the fight is over and you can truly be in peace now.
  4. Painsponge

    Welcome to >XI<!!
  5. Painsponge

    Welcome to >XI<!!
  6. Painsponge

    Warmest wishes dear. I have heart issues so I know how scary it is. May the lord watch over you and make your heart stronger.
  7. Painsponge

    Thanks Loader, I have not forgotten about Mac's battle. I will keep him in my thoughts and ask the lord for a small favor as well. Speedy recovery Mac, we miss picking on you buddy!
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