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  1. Happy Birthday TooT!
  2. I have only ever owned Mossberg 500, currently in the pistol grip config. Six shot with one in the chamber,...if you need more than one shot to down an intruder, you need more practice. Another aspect of choosing home defense items is the ammo. If you live in an apartment with neighbors close by, then birdshot is going to be the choice. If you are in a house on a lot and no neighbors or other family members to worry about, then slug or buckshot should be your choice. Happy hunting!
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  4. Laurel dumb fuckers.
  5. Laurel every time ya ignorant fuckers.
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  11. Don't wait a minute longer, go to emergency and get checked out. I saved my own life in October of last year by doing just that. I had an artery that was over 80 percent blocked! Best wishes RIP.
  12. Merry Christmas to all of my >XI< family!!
  13. Bless you and yours.
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