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  1. Painsponge

    Hey Joe,.....where you goin with that gun in your hand? But seriously now, I was on the COD2 server both Friday and Saturday night around 10pm. I guess we need to figure out our time zone difference. Or you need to stop lying about being there looking for me!
  2. Painsponge

    I have not been on as much lately due to being either too high to give a shit, or too tired from work. I like Saturday nights mostly on the COD2 server, and this Friday night I'll be willing to pin your ears back if you like!!
  3. Painsponge

    LOL!! Great to hear you'll be available for some good times! I have been looking at gaming lap tops to. I don't need one really but my desk top PC is aging and a laptop would be a lesser investment to stay current with the hardware neede to handle todays memory hungry games. Looking forward brother, I can't wait to slap your bitch tits!
  4. Painsponge

    My heart is heavy and I am having a hard time holding the tears back. I always looked forward to gaming with Stayalive. He was as sweet a man that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The man took alot of guff from me for being Canadian, but he knew it was all out of love. Rest in peace Stayalive, I will never forget our friendship. My heart felt sympathy to his family and loved ones.
  5. Painsponge

    Hey buddy, sry to hear about your failing vision. If you can still come and play I promise not to shoot at you! Warmest wishes my friend!
  6. Painsponge

    This sucks for sure, but I don't think any amount of armed staff would have stopped it. My thoughts are with those affected.
  7. Painsponge

    A long time friend on the COD 2 server. Thank you for you friendship and your contribution to our way of life. We'll miss you.
  8. Painsponge

    Powerful rig for less money, I like it!!
  9. Painsponge

    I do miss Paul Harvey.
  10. Painsponge

    Hi fucker.
  11. Painsponge

    That's right handy bud!
  12. Painsponge

    Nice bunch of pics bro! It appears you may need to wash your nuts.
  13. Painsponge

    Rams 28 Bengals 20
  14. Painsponge

    Maybe if I was a stray cat.
  15. The best show ever!
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