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  1. Pistols and melee only maps. I miss the movie sound bites as well. Thanks for your efforts you guys!
  2. Painsponge

    See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.
  3. Painsponge

    Thanks so much for your efforts sir. ✌️
  4. Painsponge

    Warmest wishes P-man. I feel ya as I am on meds for heart disease and live with those relative concerns. Peace bro.
  5. Painsponge

    RobMc, when I used the term "greaser" I was not referring to the "grease gun" you speak of, but was relating to someone being greased, like "wiped out" or "wasted". FYI
  6. Painsponge

    Hi friends, I wanted to share some Hickok 45 love and he's got zee STEN sub machine gun! It's the British version but wow what a fun little greaser! Enjoy and be well!
  7. Painsponge

    Where's the fire Tangee? I've had many laughs playing COD2 with you and you want to leave due to a few individuals with bad attitudes? Fuck those wankers! Come back and play some COD2 with us! I hope you'll change your mind sir, but if not, happy trails and it was fun fuckin you up!
  8. Painsponge

    Hey Roger I wish you and your wife a speedy recovery. Warmest wishes and prayers for your comfort and peace. Stay strong brother!
  9. Painsponge

    All hail the mighty camper! We miss ya Mac Daddy, RIP my friend.
  10. Painsponge

    Good stuff here. I think about him often and think,...where the &*@! is he camping!? RIP Mac, we miss you!
  11. Painsponge

    Super bad ass bro. Prolly 2gs fo dat sucka, oh DAMN!
  12. Painsponge

    Looks like a beast! Not familiar with AMD based systems but not against them either. My system is 4 years old now.
  13. Painsponge

    Sweet bike my friend!
  14. Painsponge

    Welcome River Rat!!🍻
  15. Painsponge

    A rough start for this new year. I did not have the pleasure of knowing and playing with Johnny Dos. I do know he spent a lot of time helping others here at >XI<. Every time I would visit the site I would see his name all over the place. My deepest sympathy to all who knew and loved him. Rest in peace brother.



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