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  1. Painsponge

    Unfucking believable! So glad the cop was not injured. I pray for our boys in blue.
  2. Painsponge

    Speedy recovery Ruggs.
  3. Painsponge

    Das iss Presslufthammer!!
  4. Painsponge

    It's a weentzy little shot for the betterment of humanity, shut the fuck up and get a shot.
  5. Painsponge

    So I,m having issues with both COD4 and COD5 in terms of update patches. I uninstalled COD4 because it was downloaded from Steam and would need to be downgraded to play MP. COD5 needs a patch that at this point I have not been able to find a trustworthy client from which to download it. Any help in this arena would be greatly appreciated,...don't get too fuckin sassy!!
  6. Painsponge

    Ok scumbags, I finally reinstalled COD WAW and I am so ready to make an ass of myself! Clue me into where I need to visit to have some fun! Talkin ta you Athena!
  7. Painsponge

    Damn bro.
  8. Painsponge

    Looks fantastic brother!
  9. Painsponge

    The man is what legends are made of. So sorry to learn he's passed. Rest in peace little drummer boy, you certainly have left your mark.
  10. Painsponge

    Wow look at all of that hair! She's just precious! Congrats to you and your blessed family!
  11. Painsponge

    I remember playing with this man and recall his joyful manner. I am so sorry to hear he is gone. My deepest sympathy to his family and all who loved him. Bless your sweet heart sir, and rest in peace now.
  12. I just learned this tragedy last night. My heart is heavy and I am in disbelief. Roger was as solid a man that there ever was, he's even had to straighten me out a couple of times. He stood for everything good about this community. I am deeply saddened and my thoughts and prayers go out to all who loved him. So long old friend, enjoy peace and comfort in heaven and save me a spot. You will always be in our minds and hearts.
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