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  1. I work at the General Motors engine plant in Flint Michigan . Started at the foundry in Saginaw and transferred to Flint following possible layoff. Well that is what I do I build Motors for a living.
  2. Hey man, haven't touched base in forever. Hope all is well with you and yours. Been wasting way too much time playing MW2022. Still play in the Blackbarts DM server as well. Peace and love.




      Ya I live out in the country now got crap internet I dont get to play much. IT hurt to hear about Barts passing . Good to hear from you bro ILL try and get on hear a little more often.


  3. Happy Birthday to all you Idiots!!
  4. Ya just got power back on . Was out for 4 days . Anyways Merry Christmas to all.
  5. Ok so more of a media help the left scare tactic crap again Gotcha
  6. That' s cool I want one one of the bb gun ones that shoot 300 bb's a sec with compressed air.
  7. Heard from someone at work that there is supposed to be some type of food shortage in the United States this summer and fall. Yet then again someone told me they couldn't find onions in the store and I went and they had a shit load there. So is it just the media pushing this crap to the public?
  8. Happy Birthday VanHelsing Enjoy Your Day


    Greeting Happy Birthday GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals



      thank you sir enjoy your day as well


  9. Sorry to hear that happened to you guys . I just moved out in the country away from the city I need to get some web security cams installed just in case some fool decides to rob me. Maybe I should just get a German Shepard, but wife doesn't like dogs.
  10. I'm a little late getting on here but thanks for all the Birthday wishes in the process of moving to new house gonna loose good internet all thats available is hughes net not sure if it will work or not for fps games will have to see. If not i will still sign in here to say hi to everyone .
  11. I used to use a .cfg file that helped me on COD2 I haven't done that in years. No wonder I'm so bad at COD4 lol
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