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  1. WarApe

    CURRENTLY I am a field technical sales rep for Bayer Animal Health. Outside sales directly to veterinarians in NE Tennessee. As frustrating as the job can be (veterinarians are typically WONDERFUL people, BUT such creatures of habit), it is every bit rewarding knowing that my job helps veterinarians make the lives of pets and their 'hoomans' better... ... in 2019 I am starting my own business on the side. My education is in Landscape Architecture, entomology and turfgrass management, so I am opening a service business that focuses on enhancing the health and appearance of peoples yards (lawn and plants) as well as pest control in the exterior of their homes (ants, mosquitoes, etc). I'm excited about the new business, but a bit nervous too...
  2. WarApe

    Sweet...! My new GEAR just showed up in time for "Banana Hammock" season...! REPRESENT!
  3. WarApe

    Thank you to EVERYBODY for the warm (like pee in a wool suit) feelings! I shall wear my badge of shame with dignity (like I actually have ANY of that) and pride...
  4. WarApe

    I made the mistake of thinking my watch was a dating tool once.. come to find out it was a TIME BOMB...!
  5. WarApe

    I'm running the Netgear 7800 and it's kicking ass. 2-story house approx 2500 sq ft, no dead spots and 12 ish wi-fi devices connected continuously. No problems. Speaking from hands on experience. That madeby Google setup looks interesting too, but have no experience with it.
  6. WarApe

    Birthday wishes and salutations. Hope you had a great one!
  7. WarApe

    Birthday wishes and other salutations. I'll send you a banana for you day... use appropriately
  8. WarApe

    Birthday salutations and warm fuzziness
  9. WarApe

    Dog Tags on a cat?!? WTF... what an Idiot...LOL. Seriously, glad the cat is back... you really need to have a microchip put in the kitty. Could save her life.
  10. WarApe

    Will it let you take control of vehicles? Call of Duty II dis, blasting opponents with a Sherman was fun!
  11. WarApe

    Damn, ya beat me to the joke...! Anyway, welcome Peanut! Time for everyone to "bust yo nutz"
  12. WarApe

    OVERACHIEVER... LOL!! Nice Job!
  13. Damn... that might actually be better than the Wizard of Oz played with Dark Side of the Moon...
  14. WarApe

    Welcome, welcome fellow idiot