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  1. Red Baron

    Currently allied with SIC with full support which is nice. No more big fleets hitting without retaliation.
  2. Red Baron

    Both myself and flying dutch have started playing this game currently in sector 400 proudly support xi tags as we dont have anything there currently that i could find. if anyone else plays let me know
  3. Red Baron

    i only play on xi this was from steam dam them lol
  4. same for me on my steam as well
  5. Red Baron

    same here
  6. My In game name is Red Baron>XI< and i keep getting kicked for making room for clan members
  7. Red Baron

    when your next on have a look for me or flying dutch on steam ect then we can talk you through
  8. Red Baron

    have you got teamspeak?
  9. Red Baron

    steam id red_baron14
  10. Red Baron

    30.4 skr now downloaded lets get dollar and upgrade the clan servers and guy don't forget to delete logs
  11. Red Baron

    i repeat no coding experince needed and we have already some of the highest lvl software now
  12. Red Baron

    you dont need any coding exp at all my steam is red_baron14 add me guys
  13. Red Baron

    current;y downloading a 25.2 skr then if i stay connected a 19 hdr
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