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  1. FlyingDutch

    thanks guys :)
  2. FlyingDutch

    Mine does this - never did before - Have all the patches etc - just started recently!
  3. FlyingDutch

    I watch text chat all the time as well as play - if there had have been a vote then I would have voted - I don't believe there was a vote
  4. so playing COD4 main server just now and a map was skipped which is a good map. I asked why this happened and was told there was a vote. then i was told that the vote was only for americans, then i questioned that the vote didn't happen in game. I then got told i was going to be kicked for questioning this. I quit. Can a senior admin tell me what on earth happened or perhaps pull up the logs of this "vote" ??
  5. FlyingDutch

    North England would be good
  6. FlyingDutch

    I am assuming the server is in the US - I wonder if any uk players are having issues
  7. Can't get onto the cod server. Are there some issues?? Have tried accessing other game servers through COD and they work
  8. FlyingDutch

    Your concentration needs to be on hdd space and internet speed first. Check the clan server for updated software. We sit on the server with very high powered stuff. Any issues drop me a message - my HE username is Gaytech
  9. FlyingDutch

    google hexbot - makes things a little easier
  10. FlyingDutch

    Playing Hacker Experience - https://legacy.hackerexperience.com - fun game for those into hacking. Come and have a go - Find The XI clan server and as an established user I can help you with suitable software to get you going.
  11. Lost my cod4 directory - anyone know where i can find it - I have my cd key just not the software
  12. FlyingDutch

    Detailed explanation can be given !
  13. FlyingDutch

    I don't play BF4
  14. FlyingDutch

    I must be close to two years now. Though missing beard medal and is there a medal for having a red mohawk?
  15. With the one and only. The truly scrumptious. The holy virgin. Miss Roxy Heart!



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