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  1. luke144

    Welcome Larry!
  2. luke144

    Nice to see you in the forums Oyster....you are a good player!
  3. luke144

    Get well soon Cheyenne!
  4. luke144

    Hopefully, things work out for the best for your father. Stay strong Elvis.
  5. Prayers here at Luke's residence for your wife and your family.
  6. luke144

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I think I am slowing down in my gaming, but still having fun shooting you!
  7. luke144

    I was able to get the game working on all mods by clicking on properties /compatibility/ and disable full screen optimization. I'm not sure why this worked for me, but it might help others who have the same problem with the Steam download game. Also worked for COD4. Thanks to all for your suggestions and help! Also, thanks to Kaptcrunch who met me in TS to go over many items that needed updated.
  8. luke144

    Yes, I tried the OW server and it did not work. Works fine on "original" maps.
  9. luke144

    I was trying to hook up to the COD5 XI Vietnam Freezetag server.
  10. luke144

    My version is the Steam version 1.7, which i assume has all the patches? I don't have TeamViewer but I can download it tomorrow. Are you stateside? Also, I tried the compatibility mode XP, Windows 7 and Vista with same results. I wonder if it is the video card? Fortunately, i have COD5 on my PC which works fine, but I wanted to run the game on my laptop from time to time.
  11. luke144

    Hello KaptCrunch..my OS is as follows.. DELL G15 5511 11 Gen Intel(R)Core(TM) i7-11800H @ 2.3GHZ Installed RAM - 16.0 GB NVIDIA GE Force RTX 3060 Laptop GPU
  12. luke144

    Tried everything....still locks up when XI mod redirects....anyone know where I can buy a good sledge hammer? lol
  13. luke144

    Yes, I have Windows Firewall checked to allow COD5. I haven't downloaded any mods from the XI website.
  14. luke144

    Hi Blackrose,] Microsoft defender is running.
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