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    Have a great day Mad Cow!
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    Have a great day SGTScott!!
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    Have a great day Surge!
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    Happy Birthday Meek! Hope you don't have to work on your birthday!
  5. Have a great day EXTRAKAMIKAZE QC!
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    Have a great day Tron!
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    Have a great day Arrienn!
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    I missed your birthday yesterday (maybe because I'm an idiot?). Anyways, Happy Birthday CW4!!!!
  9. Have a great day BillyBuerst.
  10. Have a great day Evil-Monkey
  11. I tried running the game as "administrator " today and it seems to have fixed the problem so far. I just went to the COD5 files and clicked "run as administrator". Not sure why it's working.
  12. Occasionally, I get a message "Unhandled Exception Caught" when COD5 is changing maps. Then COD5 stops running. Anyone else have this problem? I am running Windows 10.
  13. luke144

    Looks like you guys had a great day fishing! Small mouth bass opens up here in June and can't wait to get out on the streams. Nice pics.
  14. Hi Yaccster, I think the second option of having XI's Sr folks/programmers talking to Steam is the best thing to do right now.
  15. When I started COD4 this afternoon it was V1.8. DId Steam do another update and screw it up again? Fortunately, I saved the iw3 file I needed to keep it V1.7. Anyone else see this update to V1.8 by Steam?