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  1. Have a great day EXTRAKAMIKAZE QC!
  2. Have a great day Tron!
  3. Have a great day Arrienn!
  4. I missed your birthday yesterday (maybe because I'm an idiot?). Anyways, Happy Birthday CW4!!!!
  5. Have a great day BillyBuerst.
  6. Have a great day Evil-Monkey
  7. I tried running the game as "administrator " today and it seems to have fixed the problem so far. I just went to the COD5 files and clicked "run as administrator". Not sure why it's working.
  8. Occasionally, I get a message "Unhandled Exception Caught" when COD5 is changing maps. Then COD5 stops running. Anyone else have this problem? I am running Windows 10.
  9. Looks like you guys had a great day fishing! Small mouth bass opens up here in June and can't wait to get out on the streams. Nice pics.
  10. Hi Yaccster, I think the second option of having XI's Sr folks/programmers talking to Steam is the best thing to do right now.
  11. When I started COD4 this afternoon it was V1.8. DId Steam do another update and screw it up again? Fortunately, I saved the iw3 file I needed to keep it V1.7. Anyone else see this update to V1.8 by Steam?
  12. Have a great day Cooper.
  13. Have a great day RAMBOS SON.
  14. Here's what I did. I currently have Windows 10. 1. Download the correct version iw3mp.exe on this link "", This is a .rar file. 2. I extracted the file using the WINRAR App available from RARLAB.COM. 3, Then, delete the old iw3mp.exe file from your COD4 folder and drag the new iw3mp.exe 1.7 version file to the COD4 folder.
  15. I have the same problem. Hopefully, Steam will fix it soon. I think when steam did an update it downgraded COD4 to V 1.6.