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  1. MacDaddy>XI< , as much as we "hated" each other when we played because you would shoot me in the back and I would look for you, eventually find you and throw you a nade or two, Spanky's style, I will miss you dearly. I loved it when you would tell me "fuck Joe", "fucking Canadian bitch" and other kind words because you would get sincerely pissed, and that my friend was a privilege. Rest in peace Mac, god bless you and your family.
  2. Indeed Pain, we might be idiots and *ass at times, but at the end we are all friends. I was going to say "brothers" but i threw up a little bit in my mouth when I remembered what a classless bitch you are when we play. Haha jk....hmmm not really
  3. hmm, didn't quite like your comment, I feel jealous ?
  4. Or text me her number, 6047796546
  5. Loader, I am shocked and sad beyond belief. Please PM me Peggy's cell number. I would love to talk to her.
  6. I strongly oppose your post bitch, JoeCamel is the cheap, chinese version of Joe Canadian. Beware @Painsponge, @TBB might feel tempted to hunt you down and commit a passion crime. (refers to a violent crime, especially homicide, in which the perpetrator commits the act against someone because of sudden strong impulse such as sudden rage rather than as a premeditated crime) Just saying lol
  7. Best cut of meat for this recipe is pork shoulder. It literally melts in your slow cooker or low temperature oven. The reason is that the shoulder has quite a bit of collagen and cartilage, and this eventually melts and makes the meat juicy and tender. As per BBQ sauce, I personally prefer to decide which one to use and how much of it after letting the meat rest for a few minutes and tasting it. We don't need to kill the natural, delicious pork flavor, but rather enhance the taste. My two cents
  8. See? You are paying attention b**** delicate topic eh? haha, hope you are doing well buddy. Will drop by to visit sometime in the near future, but I will be wearing one of those...what are they called? Chastity belts...(thanks Wikipedia) You are dangerous
  9. Merde is a very polite and mild word used all over the world to describe mild discomfort. Mierda in Spanish, Shit in English, Merda in Portuguese, Govana in croatian, "scheisse" in German.
  10. Two names @MrCrowe and @Painsponge. Glove is gentleman, Pain is a dirty, classless cockroach that you love to step on and who enjoys dying which is priceless haha. Notable mentions... @BUDMAN bitch who will always shoot you in the back and apologize right after.
  11. Hey JACCster I don't know who Pinglo is or was, I was just talking about Canadian bacon, I don't pay attention to HXTR's deep, philosophical posts. I lack the IQ to understand them lol
  12. Hey Joe Camel, not sure if you still go by this name, but if you want an instant marriage proposal, change the word "Camel" for " Moose" and you'll see. We have a rich pervert on the clan, who loves huge animals with big dickies. I will not mention names at this time Joe Ps. Actually I will mention his name, why not? Its public knowledge: @TBB bitch. Stay away from @BUDMAN as well. He likes to expose himself and has been in jail quite a few times... good luck!!!
  13. Every time you say the word pig I instantly think of Canadian smoked bacon...Not the @PimpedOutPete kind, thats more like fake chinese bacon
  14. Congrats Joe Camel, not entirely sure what I am saying this, since I keep forgetting my password and having trouble login in haha
  15. RustyRifle was a pretty cool guy, I did not get to know him well, but the few times we got to play together, he was always a lot of fun
  16. Yes don't, sweper sucks, but its kinda really hard to upgrade a name like that
  17. No he meant to say dos bolas, or two sets of testicles...vamos Chile no compliques las cosas, no hagas alarde de tus bolas para impresionar al resto, jaja
  18. Warmest wishes? wtf is that, new panties you slut? Happy holidays Pain, love you man in spite of your shortcomings in every aspect of life
  19. I wanted to wish you all a Merry xmas and the best for 2019. I have been extremely busy with life and work in general. It looks like I have re-ruptured my left quad tendon, which was operated on sometime in June 2017. Nothing serious so far, just a tear, but looks I will require surgery and yet another lengthy recovery. This happened at work so workers compo will handle it, but sucks regardless. See you around sometime, I might no be playing these days, but I do still love the clan dearly. Cheers Joe, nade master, Samurai plus FU TBB, Budman, Google, and the new version of hxrt. Pete you too!!
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