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  1. Yikes Randall...it looks like the right thing to do from a medical perspective...but who the f is going to pay your bills? Good luck
  2. My wife yelling at Joe Jr. to empty the dishwasher
  3. Wow, with that PC you can easily obliterate the Taliban, and ISIS, congrats
  4. Great advice, hopefully that @BUDMAN jerk is paying attention. He tends to call tech support way too much.
  5. Mac dude...save your money and get a 32" Samsung monitor, they are great and roughly 75% cheaper lol
  6. Happy bday @Budman, I know, I know, you are not on the list, haha. Just wanted to let eeevveryybody know, that you were the only XI member who did not wish ME a happy bday on March the 1st, you classless bitch ? Wire me $100 and ill forget the whole thing you rich slut haha
  7. Freaking Budman, you jealous bitch. Everybody , but you, contacted me to wish me a happy bday...  You are a (kind) slut lol

  8. Gabriela Alessandra, 15 years old, extreme idiot by definition. She speaks 4 languages, (we speak 5 at home) and is 25 times worse than his weird Dad. She knows Mac Daddy and Pain, because she would sit right next to me and laugh really hard every time I blew up or knifed the suckers. That went on for years. My wife is Brazilian (of the difficult kind) but somehow, Gabi managed to make the brazilian curling team and go to the youth olympics somewhere in Switzerland. She did not win gold but was chosen as the most photogenic athlete of the games not by me or the press, but rather by the swiss fans of her who would line up after every game to get her autograph that eventually got locked at 50 max, in order not to delay the brazilian bus. This is all for you, my brothers, Dada, Mac, Johnny and the others. Its in our genes.
  9. Pain, you might be an ass but i admire your kind hearth,
  10. Cpt...i'm Speechless , don't know what to say other than we are all family and we love each other.
  11. Got the wrong guy, Moose and large animals, with big dicks, contact @TBB, that whore has a wealth or experience lol
  12. Better, late than never, your perverted beecchhh lol
  13. Best of lucks Johnny, keep us posted!
  14. Oops you are missing a finger....are you human? lol
  15. Roxy you don't need the SLI adapter , I guess it came with the motherboard. Intel 7 8th generation is awesome, go for it. As per your nails haha don't listen to Chileno, they look great ...you are probably sending a subliminal message, ? Message for Chile: Oiga Chiilenito no me espantei a la polola po, que para mi se ve millones de veces mejor que esta perlita a quien le sobro la pintura po, jaja, un abrazo
  16. Nice bio RobMc, but it's incomplete unless you add all those perversions Budman has, like going to the beach wearing nothing but a thick Italian overcoat and sandals with winter socks and exposing himself in public....there has been several sightings but Budman , da beecchhhh, gets away all the time. FU Budman lol
  17. There's a huge misconception about the true meaning of the word "hot sauce". In South America, hot peppers are used like "condiments" in order to give some specific dishes, depending on the region, a particular flavour. There are at least 150 -or more- different varieties of peppers, and they are all similar yet different in hotness and flavour. A cook can always adjust the "heatness" of a specific dish in most cases, but if the flavour sucks, you will always find a bottle of extremely hot sauce on the table, depending of how cheap and reliable the restaurant is, that you would use to numb your tastebuds before eating :-) funny but true
  18. Shit, i've spent several years looking at the skies above me at night trying to find black holes, but i have only been able to find terrestrial ass holes such as you Budman @TBB, and other extremely miserable people, I am jealous!!
  19. I would not be so worried about the language, there are plenty of beautiful quebecoise women who are more than willing to practice their English, Trust me on this one; ) pas vrai, Athena?
  20. Pain, I am impressed, best post ever. I didn't know you could be this articulate haha. We all loved Mac
  21. Mac and Rat Camper on ace, were probably twin brothers....they would kill me 25 times but I would eventually find them, throw a nade and just wait for them to swear at me. Priceless....
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