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  1. iEvil

    Welcome. You are now officially an idiot!
  2. Ok. One question: If you already marked the box in the Eagle Eye window "Don't ask me again", how do I access that window again and unmark it?
  3. iEvil

    I'm not saying goodbye because its nothing to leave a clan for. It's a game, wash it off and move on to the next server. I'm sure people were talking back when I was a pain in the ass in Freezetag, not that I cared either way. Being online with games is like a fantasy world, nothing is real and shouldn't be taken that way either. Just my 2 cents.
  4. iEvil

    Welcome to the clan buddy!
  5. iEvil

    Welcome to >XI<.
  6. iEvil

    Welcome to >XI<.
  7. iEvil

    I just got Age of Empires II Definitive Edition, so now Im playing that for the moment. Was playing The Division 1 & 2 but got bored. Otherwise it is as picture below. ?
  8. iEvil

    Delta Force Task Force Dagger (2002) was my first game, and first time I joined an American clan, other then that I would say maybe Total Annihilation (1997).
  9. iEvil

    Im still playing now and then especially now when the Vietnam mods are bit popular as well as regular mods.
  10. iEvil

    Im very proud of my homemade mask !



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