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    Icehockey, motorsports such as NHRA, anything with speed !
    Babes, beer and boobies !

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  1. iEvil

    I havnt seen a single hacker in a all these years of Diablo 3.
  2. iEvil

    Thanks everyone !
  3. iEvil

    I would take the first picture as well.
  4. iEvil

    Thats enough to play games here since you are located in the US, which where the servers are. Its even playable to play on EU servers but impossible to play on Australian servers.
  5. iEvil

    !fu Dukoo
  6. iEvil

    I thought is usually the one killing the net.....
  7. iEvil

    There is a fix for it. Stop getting hit by bullets hahaha
  8. iEvil

    My condolences.
  9. iEvil

    I use to be a NC operator but now im a nurse in elderly home, palliative care.
  10. Haha. Tried options or press every button while standing near or being inside the tank?
  11. Only PS4 nowdays.

  12. iEvil

    My home made built rig from 2006 can run BF4 with no problems, so should yours
  13. New year, new mistakes! Oh my resolution is to never make new year wishes again.
  14. iEvil

    Hitbox detection is great now. However it feels weird that Crytek made the game and it looks awful. Its a free to play shooter and as all other of same kind it doesn't add anything new.
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