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  1. Thanks Dadda and Sally, you guys ROCK!
  2. T-Rat

    Neither can I.! Sally broke it!
  3. you guys are awesome! Thanks!
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    Thank you Dadda and Sally.
  6. T-Rat

  7. Thanks Dadda, Budman, and Sally!
  8. Thanks Dadda and Sally!
  9. Greetings, Thank you Kill. This is the appropriate place for a topic like this. I don't play on MW2 much, so I'll leave that for others. I will say that the P90 in the hands of an expert (like Sally) is awesome! We could all make those same shots, IF we practiced and perfected it as she has. Everyone has bits that they don't like, tubers, claymores, shotties, sniper, whatever. I applaud you for bringing it to the forums and in true XI fashion everyone has their say. Cheers, T-Rat (Frank)
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  11. Thanks Dadda and Birthday girl!
  12. Thank you Lady Sally and Sir Dadda
  13. T-Rat

    Ok Graywolf, just so we're clear, you're the taller one in the pic, right?
  14. Thanks Dadda and Sally!