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  9. deerejon, I also live in NJ. Are you familiar with the gun laws? Do I need some sort of permit?
  10. Hello, As many of you know, I love to use shotguns in video games. However, I do not know too much about them in real life. I would like to purchase a pump action shotgun for home defense and occasional target practice at a gun range. If anyone has advice for a good shotgun to buy, I'd greatly appreciate it. The reason I am interested in a pump action is because I heard they don't need to be calibrated, per ammo type, like an auto loading shotgun and have more versatility for what type of ammunition I load into it. Particularly, if I can shoot non-lethal bean bag rounds, that is what I'd like. I don't want to kill anybody, although of course I'd keep that type of ammo too. We had to down size and move into a more affordable home when my Dad died, and the area we live in now is not that great. Thanks. V/R, RANDALL
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  13. I pick up fallen assautl rifles all the time. As far as using one as a primary, instead of my shotgun, it depends on the map. Certain maps that I know I can get a pretty good killstreak on, I may use an assault rifle. I actually prefer the M16A4 though. The Saritch takes too long to reload.
  14. I am the biggest advocate of Stealth because you are protected from a lot of ways of dying. If I had a dollar from all the times I hear people say "put a clip into the chopper", I'd have enough to buy a new computer. Just like I don't understand why anyone would actually want to smoke cigarettes. There are plenty of ways to die in-game, and in real life, so why not eliminate some of those chances? Just my opinion.