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    I understand. The comment came from someone who I have played with or against for two years. He hadn't said anything until that point. I had been using a new kind of gun that is amazing and I got really good with it. A couple days earlier, a random person I did not know told me to kill myself and I laughed at it. Couple that with the Heist perk. I have never played a game that punishes you for playing the objective. Everything else aside, I couldn't understand it. If the perk required you to get a knife kill to steal the killstreak instantly, it would make it balanced. I see the anti-heist addition Sammy made and I thought that my options now, in order to not feed the enemy team free killstreaks was to only use the anti-heist perk or unbind all three killstreaks and use none because inevitably I would die for playing the objective and give away a killstreak that I might have been saving for the best moment to help my team, not theirs. Some of my posts and opinions and comparisons may have sounded outrageous, but it all came from painful experiences I've had in real life. Experiences I did not want to be reminded of. Obviously no one is forcing me to play on the new mod. I had high hopes though because these mods don't come around that often. I had gotten bored of the old mod and had spent more time the last few years playing other games, mostly without any other XI players. I was hoping this mod would better than any mod I've played, that would bring me back to play here more often. I can't take what people say too seriously if the person doesn't actually know me. I had tolerated it for years but hit a boiling point. @ANGU5 I wish you, @Gatorgirl and your son the best of luck in the future. I'm sorry I made a fool out of myself.

    Thank you. This makes me feel a little better. I am having a hard time getting over the grief I feel right now, but it takes me a while to get over things that I care about.

    I do not seek your sympathy, specifically. You can walk away from that comment because it meant nothing to you. However, sometimes these forums are used as an outlet for sympathy. You wouldn't say that to someone if they made a post about a loved one passing away. I am not comparing my situation to that, nor am I using my sister for sympathy. I used it as an example of how I feel. I do love playing CoD4, but not anymore. That is why I am complaining. I am giving up on a game I have played for years that I have worked hard to get better at. I enjoy good competition, win or lose. I do not enjoy toxic people, and as a whole, the server has gotten worse. 99 times out of 100 you hear fuck you instead of nice shot. Have I been emotional the last couple days? Yes. I am in disbelief and I thought it I hung around long enough I could get an apology before I am gone. One last walk around the building.

    I appreciate the work Sammy has done to add an anti-Heist capabilty to the server. Although, there is still a compromise that is hard to deal with that is not worth the frustration to me, and it is my choice to just walk away. It still bothers me that a perk like that can exist. How a defenseless person can be taken advantage of by a greedy person. It irks me for a different reason. I have a little sister with special needs whose life has not been easy.

    Just because I did not speak up then, doesn't mean I can't speak up now. He crossed the line once again. It wasn't just trash talk, but personal attacks. Pure bullying. Angus made an unnecesaary comment. I had moved on since 2015, but his comment certainly stirred the pot and brought back old memories. He didn't apologize then and still hasn't. What was the intent? To boast, or total ignorance? It was arrogant and it still amazes me how someone can be so cruel. I have played CoD4 since 2008, starting on PS3 and ending on PC. I only play on two servers, both XI. I use a pump action shotgun. On Server 1, it seems to have changed, but it may also be my connection. Not sure though because I seemed to play better with 40 fps on wifi than with 125 fps hardwired now. Can't even kill someone 5 feet away with stopping power. In MW2, it severely downgraded. I was no longer having fun, and I have a right to leave. My comments on the 147 mod were to try to balance the game in my opinion, for younger players who like to run and gun. My friend and I laughed our asses off that a trophy system the size of a basketball can stop airstrikes, grenades, rockets, noob tubes while a Sentry Gun and claymores can watch a camper's back, just so they can sit and spawn camp you. A helicopter or a nuke is the only way to take them out. But I guess my shotgun, pistol, frag grenade, and smoke grenade is just as overpowered. That's all you have if this was a stock server.

    You would be in the server at the same time it was happening. I have a problem bottling up emotions. I see other admins like Roxy step in to stop arguments all the time. No one stood up for me then. I want to make this clear. Angus has been nicer to me since my Dad has passed away, but Sharpe has told me about how he has been treated. When I announced that I was leaving XI and saw him say he wasn't sorry and then accuse me of having a small mind, I was angry. I have been weaning myself of my medication for the last three weeks because I have been feeling better. I care a lot about people and try to be respectful. I was disappointed and I apologize for my posts on the 147 thread.

    Hindsight is 20/20. I pray for presence of mind but don't always have it. This has bothered me all day long. I said that I was leaving because of game mechanics, not the people, but I take back that last part. I wad bullied from 1st grade until the end of high school. I have been taking anti-depressants since I was 17 to stop suicidal thoughts in my head. I think back to the people who have made my life difficult for no reason, and @ANGU5 is one of them. As I mentioned in the 147 mod thread, Angus verbally harrassed me day after day when my Dad was dying of cancer in 2015. I would take my Dad to his treatments and it made me sad to see a strong, proud man reduced to a weakened shell of himself. I would play freezetag to escape when I could to try to have some fun. I don't know why Angus had such a problem with me, but he made my life miserable. To hear that person on CoD WW2 tell me I should kill myself brought back memories of when Angus would incessantly provoke me to respond to his trash talk. I do not want to be associated with him and will not play here as long as he does. It is easier for me to leave. He already said he is not sorry. He may not have known what I was going through at that time, but it should not have mattered. No one should act like that.

    I was not planning on making an official post, but I am leaving XI. I announced this on the 147 mod thread, but there are a lot of good people in this clan who I formally wanted to say goodbye to. I have stated my frustrations lately, but none of that really matters. As you might have seen, I made some youtube videos this weekend. Two of them were for Call of Duty WW2. The reason I made those two videos was because on Saturday I was having a really good day of gaming after getting the first good night of sleep I've had in weeks. In a post-game lobby, an angry man told me to kill myself because he thought I was cheating. Next map, I was on his team with a bunch of his friends he was partied up with. They proceeded to team kill me five times in a row, and then the angry man tried to throw a stun grenade at me to slow me down. He then followed me around the map and tried to jump in front of my gun to get me to team kill him and eventually kick myself after the third time. I still proceeded to get the most amount of kills on my team and the least amount of deaths. This went on for the rest of the day. I do not deserve this kind of abuse. It made me feel like I should just quit gaming all together. In the past, I have faced similar verbal abuse in our servers during a tough time in my life. No one should have to face this kind of unwarranted harrassment. We join our servers to relax and have fun. Some people try to take out frustration in their lives on innocent people. I have had enough. I wish XI nothing but the best. Your friend, RANDALL
  9. I'll give you an example. Rest in Peace CobraBites, a former Head Admin. I asked him to sit in spectator with me to watch an XI member. We watched as an XI member threw a smoke grenade in front of herself and proceeded to pick people off through the smoke with an M14. It is a semi-automatic rifle with high recoil, not an LMG that you can spray. She does this whenever she plays. CobraBites saw it, acknowledged it, and did nothing. I use smoke grenades to get across open spaces with my shotgun. It took this happening repeatedly for me to investigate. I was disappointed that I could not even give proof to a Head admin and nothing be done as a result.
  10. @ANGU5 is that why you make personal attacks against people like myself and @Sharpebecause you refuse to believe they are not cheating? When, in fact, we are not? Before my Dad passed away in 2015, you attacked me on a daily basis. You'd join the server looking for a fight. GG was an admin and still played on the server at that time and I refuse to believe she was unaware of the rule against personal attacks, and I refuse to believe she did not notice your behavior at the time. This kind of indifference proves she does not deserve to be an admin. You should have been punished for that. If your son played this game and I attacked him the way you attack me, you'd find a way for GG or another admin to ban me. It shouldn't take my Dad passing away for you to have a change of heart to not be an asshole. I haven't found another role model since my Dad passed away, but you show me what not to look for. My "small mind" is leaving because of the game mechanics, not the people themselves.
  11. I respectfully disagree. My best friend is a retired professional gamer. I sat and talked with him for four hours tonight. I explained how complicated this new mod is and long story short, he recommended not playing anymore. I have my frustrations with Server 1, the only other XI server I play on, with how it seems the W1200 shotgun has been nerfed. After watching the video I posted of the new mod, I can't say I can recommend our servers anymore. It has nothing to do with the players but the game mechanics themselves. This might seem spontaneous, but I have been thinking about this decision much longer than my four-hour talk this evening. @Ruggerxi @ROCKAPE you can take my tags. I quit. For the people who anxiously wait to call me a hypocrite or rage quitter for whatever reason, go ahead. Your opinion will never matter to me. Last time I left the clan and rejoined, I was told it was my last chance. I understand and I accept these terms. A few shoutouts: @pitbullpete I will miss you. You are fun to play with and bring positive energy to a mostly toxic environment. @THE MEEK Your mentality as a freezetag player is the right way to play. Selfless, not selfish. Defrost first, then shoot, until overtime. @T-Rat You are a class act and a prime example of a good admin. I always appreciated your good sportsmanship and warmly greeting me when I join Server 1. This month is my 10 year anniversary of playing Call of Duty 4 on PC. It's been a good ride. It's time to focus more on my health and transition mainly to a weekend warrior to play video games, if at all. V/R, Jonathan Randall
  12. @Sammy I also think the EMP mines and the trophy system should be inventory items. Having claymores or bouncing betties on top of a mine or trophy is overpowered in my opinion and makes revenge killing very hard. A camper can hold such a tight angle sometimes that a grenade is the only way you can kill them, only to be destroyed while at the same time if you try to jump them, you die to their claymore or bouncing betty. People used to complain about the range on my shotgun, but I sacrifice an inventory item in order to use a Grip on my shotgun to do so. So, I have a grenade, a pistol, and a shotgun. Who really has the advantage? I liked Stealth in the old mod because I did not have to worry about claymores or bouncing betties which would enfuriate people who used them, but they fail to realize I die to every RC-XD, noob tube, grenade, or explosive.
  13. I think Heist is a bad concept. I have a suggestion. In the previous mod, I understand good players had no problem getting killstreaks while lower skill players had a hard time getting any killstreaks at times. Heist now turns the table and promotes camping and less skill. My suggestion comes from Call of Duty WW2. There is a perk called Requisitions where killstreak progress is not reset upon dying, but cost more (requires more kills/score), and can only be earned once per map. So, for our server, I see a place for it. If you remove Heist and replace it with Requisitions, people are not penalized for moving and searching for the enemy only to get their killstreaks stolen, while at the same time, people who struggle to get killstreaks normally don't lose hope and just keep working toward getting the killstreaks they like. Obviously the exception would be a tactical nuke. @Sammy what do you think?
  14. Meanwhile, I just want a SAM Turret (4 killstreak) because I think they are cool, and now most maps I am lucky if I get one because they all get stolen. The only real time I get to use them is if I survive until the end of the round and carry it over. Next round, though, I either place it immediately and then run and gun because if I die it will just get stolen, or I sit in a corner and wait for something like a helicopter to get called in to use the SAM Turret. I just like watching the animation. It is a well-designed killstreak and I like the concept. Yet people complain about my low ping and all the kills I get but have nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, someone can sit in a corner, do nothing, bait their teammates and just run from bubble to bubble like it's an Easter egg hunt to steal killstreaks. At this point, it's whatever. The Heist perk probably won't be removed, so it's just part of the game now. It's not cheating, so I can't complain. Not worth getting frustrated over. Long term, I think it is bad for the server as far as attracting younger players to play on our server -- the sole purpose of my Youtube channel. Kids live for obtaining killstreaks so there are two possible outcomes: 1. People with skill won't want to play here because it will all be for nothing. 2. Others will realize they don't need to try that hard or actually practice and get better at the game because they can just steal killstreaks. Again, my opinion.
  15. Posted this on the wrong thread earlier. @Sharpe I appreciate the homework you have done to dig through the code, but in my opinion the Saritch in the previous mod was overpowered. It had no recoil, no bullet spread, and no crosshair sway while no other fully automatic assault rifle had that privilige, at the cost of a slow reload time. I like the AK-47, but it was mostly unreliable long range. You have a good eye, and I don't like being outshot at long range when I am hardscoped aiming at you with a sniper rifle because you have a laser beam weapon with infinite range and stopping power with Armor Piercing, even with a silencer. Since everyone used the Saritch, you never had to worry about running out of ammo or using Scavenger because you could always pick some up off the ground. I did not have this luxury with the AK-47 because no one used it for the reasons I mentioned above. I haven't tried the Saritch in the new mod, but after watching some of google's videos, while there might be a slight difference, maybe now it is less overpowered. I understand you want a reliabel weapon, we all do. Yes, maybe you can't spam long range, but maybe try tap firing it like a semi-automatic to see if the accuracy is better. As for me, I can't even shoot you with my .44 mag right now, so if you miss a few rounds, it doesn't make a difference to me. Maybe against some of the overpowered LMGs it will, but one thing I am glad I have learned while playing CoD WW2 is you can't have everything. This is my opinion. Please don't explode.
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