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  1. VPN

    I have not noticed any drop in speed while playing. I havr noticed it when I try to search for items on the Steam Market, either on my computer or on my phone app.
  2. VPN

    I played freezetag a couple days ago while using my vpn. I use IPVanish.
  3. VPN

    That is interesting because I have one guy on my friends list who I play TF2 with sometimes who has ddos'd people on our team who did not comply with what he asked them to do. He has anger management problems, but I havr done nothing to bother him.
  4. VPN

    I had to buy a vpn service today. Lately, if I sign into my chat on Steam and go in-game, I get hit by a ddos attack. When playing Team Fortress 2, my ping will go from 25 to 750. When I play cod4, my ping goes from 40 to 140. Not sure why someone is targeting me, but I did a quick search on youtube and apparently you can get someone's IP address through their Steam account. Does anyone else use a vpn? I have not had any issues today since I have been using it.
  5. Hey everyone, It has been a frustrating weekend. Friday night I noticed I was lagging when I was playing Team Fortress 2 on Steam. Long story short, the Comcast guy came today and said the modem was fine, and so he installed a new wifi card on my laptop. It gives me a better connection, but even before he did that, my signal strength was fine and I get 300 fps in-game. I ran a malware, spyware, and anti-virus scan and everything is fine. I am on an Asus laptop, and have had no problems for the last 2.5 years. I don't know what else to do. This has ruined my weekend. If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate some help. V/R, RANDALL
  6. I have struggled with depression for the last nine years. I am not suicidal (anymore), and I have faith in God, but I am 26 and I haven't found anything worth living for yet. It's to the point where I don't care if I die. My generation is full of cowards and people who judge you for things you cannot change. My glass is neither half full or half empty, it is broken. I am hardwired to think worst case scenario, and always prepare for it, and that helps as an Engineer, but I don't have faith in people and I don't trust anyone. It is hard for me to set goals. I go to work, come home, distract myself with video games, etc, go to bed, and repeat. In the back of my mind, I imagine dying well before I can retire, or even pay off my student loans. I just feel like my life is slipping away, so I was just wondering, ... what is worth living for?
  7. All I need is a shotgun
  8. Yes, I put the clan tags on too. I believe my name reads [>XI<]RANDALL_XI
  9. I purchased Call of Duty World at War today. My name in game is RANDALL_XI with the >XI< tags on. The name RANDALL was taken and I could not do RANDALL>XI<. Is RANDALL_XI okay for my name on our servers? I was not sure what to do. V/R, RANDALL>XI<
  10. From one idiot to another, Congratulations and Welcome to >XI<
  11. Hey everyone, I saw Bdog>XI< on Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. Is anyone else playing? I'd like to add you on Steam so we can play together. I've been playing it a lot. I'm addicted to getting Gold camos for weapons. So far I have Gold for both shotguns, all the pistols (so Regal camo for shotguns and pistols), the M40A3, Skorpion, G36C, and MP44. I mainly play Team Deathmatch in the game because it is the most popular and I can get a lot of kills, especially headshots, each map. I will admit and advise, the default graphics settings really hurt my eyes playing so much the first weekend. I had to turn the settings down a ton and I have updated my NVIDIA graphics drivers three times already. There's a lot I like and some things I don't like about the game. I will say though that dedicated servers are expected to be released in January. Hackers are running wild right now, but there aren't too many of them.
  12. Congratulations!
  13. Sorry to hear of your loss. This is a tragedy. I will pray for you and your family.
  14. I just logged onto my e-mail and saw I was inactive on the website. I'm still here! I have been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered, proudly wearing my >XI< tags!
  15. Happy Birthday!