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  1. https://youtu.be/q4TB4PWHR9s Here is a short 13 minute youtube video of me playing Call of Duty WW2. Had to cut it short because the grumpy guy on the mic at the end of the second map used some racism so I trimmed that part out. Thanks in advance for watching. I may make a Team Fortress 2 video sometime soon.
  2. The stopping power, in my mind, increases the damage range as far as one-shot kill potential. Stopping Power certainly helps the Desert Eagle though. In the video, while using Stopping Power, it took five Desert Eagle rounds to kill sally who was using Juggernaut. Without Stopping Power, it might have taken the whole clip.
  3. I can try to make a disclaimer. I only make these videos hoping that more people come to play on our servers. That is why I advertise our website in the videos.
  4. https://youtu.be/1WhxM_jnW3w I had to cut it short at the end, but I didn't want to give up some of the content, so I still made this video. Thanks in advance if you watch.
  5. Latest youtube video. https://youtu.be/J-PO98XdQ0U Working on one for Server 1. Thanks in advance if you watch it.
  6. I use my shotgun on any map. I use my pistol to snipe. It's not always about the kills. Some maps I focus more on defrosting. Believe it or not, I like bigger maps. Most small maps are annoying because people with Combat Medic constantly get behind you invisible. I like to explore. I like some small maps too, like Vacant, my favorite map.
  7. Any of these are fine, if they work: map mp_cargoship map mp_thehunt_final map mp_docks_n map mp_aosta_valley map mp_thunderville map mp_eerier or map mp_eerierb2 (whichever works) JapMap or cod4_japmap (whichever works) Seatown map mp_cod4_fr_mgdx4 map mp_cod4_skidrow map mp_cod4_tigertownv2

    Thanks to anyone who watched the video so far. I have been busy at work and I am exhausted. I may try to make another one this weekend.
  9. I haven't suggested a map rotation in a while. I normally wait until my birthday, but I dislike this week's map rotation so bad, I had to make this post. I removed one map that gave problems the last time I suggested it. Not sure if all these still work. I used this list a while back, and had to remove ones not listed below. If this list is not enough maps, I can pick more. map mp_barnyard map mp_beltot map mp_caen map mp_depot_n map mp_mbb_forest map mp_naout map map mp_overpass map mp_rd_xmas map mp_tehaleh map mp_uphill map mp_vac_2_snow map mp_vukovar_n Thanks. V/R, RANDALL

    @Sharpe Did I do something wrong?

    When I copied the link, it did not start from the beginning. Wtf

    I can't upload videos to twitch yet until I am an affiliate or partner, so I uploaded today's video to my youtube channel. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0dpIcL6KzE Sorry to make you sign in, I put an age restriction to 18+ This is a one-hour video of one map in the MW2 Freezetag rotation. For some reason, the SD version of the video when I uploaded it was 360p, so it's kind of crappy.

    First time I used a bidet, it was in a hotel room in Japan. I never sat on a heated toilet seat before and I freaked out because I literally thought someone had just used the toilet before I got to my hotel room.

    Thanks a lot! I still don't really know what I am doing as far as streaming, but I would like to at the very least record some gameplay and make some videos. I just want to attract more people to our servers. I love our maps and how immersed I get running around with my shotgun.

    I streamed one map.
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