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  1. @sandradee2 I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.

    I think I made a post a while ago, but I thought I'd ask again. Does anybody play Team Fortress 2 besides me? I have played it for years, but mostly alone. I mainly play Capture the Flag and Mann vs Machine. I don't really like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so I have been playing this instead. I came back to the MW2 Freezetag server a few days ago, but I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with my shotgun for some reason... I might have killed too many brain cells. Need to read a book or something.

    I have been playing a lot of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and I am at level 62 I think. Anyway, at level 55 you get a Field Upgrade called Weapon Drop. It gives you one OVERPOWERED weapon per life for a limited time until you get another Weapon Drop. One of the guns I got tonight was the Juggernaut's minigun. I shredded someone with it. I probably won't be dropping too many 15 killstreaks to get the real Juggernaut, but I'll take his gun. You get other weapons too that are great. I was running Specialist last map and got at least a 10 killstreak with a custom MP7 SMG I got from a weapon drop. If you play Modern Warfare, I highly recommend this Field Upgrade.

    And I thank everyone else on this post for your suggestions. We tried everything.

    Thanks to @Sharpe and @L!ckALotAPus

    Ok, we figured it out. After uninstalling from Steam, deleting the Call of Duty 4 folder in steamapps, and reinstalling Call of Duty 4 again on Steam, I changed the iw3mp file to the 1.7 version, right-clicked on it, set to Read-only, clicked on the Compatibility tab, clicked Disable fullscreen optimizations and Run this program as an administrator, clicked Apply and Ok. After closing the folder, I could launch my game, change the resolution, download the freezetag mod and map, and finally I could play. Note: I am not using Punkbuster at the moment, but I have the files. I don't even want to touch it unless I need it, but our servers don't require them.

    One more thing. I can download the mods and the current map, but then it crashes when it is about to go to the loading screen.
  8. I got a new laptop today and it has Windows 10. My old laptop had Windows 8.1. I installed Steam and Call of Duty 4. I replaced the iw3mp.exe file with the one I need for 1.7, as well as my players folder and PB folder. So far I have tried a new profile and also the ones I copied from my old laptop. I have tried two things that give me the same problem. Changing the resolution or trying to connect to a freezetag server results in my window minimizing, two Windows icons pop up saying something about recording my gameplay or keys, and then the minimized game is is not a cod4 icon, but instead a white file, almost like a text file. It completely freezes my display and I have had to restart my laptop to start over. I have uninstalled and installed about three or four times now. I tried looking online for what problems other people have had. I enabled Stereomix in my Recording Devices, but I don't think that was the problem. I knew I'd have problems with Windows 10. I purposefully kept Windows 8.1 for a reason. Can anyone help?
  9. RANDALL#11837 .... but I wanted my name to be 12GaugeRANDpage. Max character limit is 12 and can't start with a number. I just bought a new gaming laptop and I would like to start streaming. If I can use that name on twitch, I might just do it.

    If I could use a shotgun and sniper rifle, I would. It's all about the one-shot kill weapons. Shotguns are extremely satisfying. Good stress relief.

    I'm glad they took care of business in Game 3. If Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant are both out for Game 4, I think the Raptors can win the series. It might take all 7 games, but Kawhi Leonard is impressive to watch. If he gets any kind of help from the role players, they have a really good chance.

    Crisis averted. Someone responded to my e-mail, updated my Zip Code and excused me from the jury duty.

    I got summoned for Jury duty today, but I no longer live in the county I was summoned for. Therefore, I am not eligible, but I still had to go online and fill out a questionnaire. They spelled my last name wrong, so I updated that, and I also had to update my new address. I fucked up because I was tired and changed everything but the zip code. I left a voicemail and sent an e-mail to see if I could somehow update it but then I saw on a FAQs page that you can't change anything once you submit it. I am hoping that only means I don't have permission to change things. I am hoping someone in the county office who responds to my voicemail/e-mail can fix it for me. I was just curious if anyone else has done this by mistake and can give me any advice. I don't need a warrant for my arrest for contempt of court or whatever.
  14. I used to play competitive cod4 for PC. Here are the benefits to higher fps that I have noticed: less than 60 fps = disadvantage firing fully automatic weapons. Fires slower. I played with 40 fps for four years and I could not compete with people using the same assault rifle or SMG as me when we start firing at the same time. 60 to 125 fps is optimal. 250 fps allows you to strafe jump further forward. 333 fps allows you to jump higher and access areas no one else can with lower fps.
  15. First, I would like to thank Sammy and any other modders for giving us a fun place to relax and play. I have some comments as well as my own ideas. I know hopping is controversial, but I don't have a problem killing people who hop. Yes, it takes quick reaction time and twitch aim, but I love how smooth the player movement is in the MW2 mod. Strafe jumping to glide around is a lot of fun. I am sorry to hear that Stealth will change. I am a fan of not tripping clays or betties because I have to get so close to use my shotgun, and with some of the bigger maps, tripping them would be a total buzz kill. It is one of the main reasons I play here versus Server 1. The entire enemy side of the map is riddled with clays on that server. One suggestion would be to only allow the player to use one of your two betties or clays at a time to leave a flank route open. Most buildings have more than one entry point. Regardless, at the very least, make it possible to use Hacker and Dead Silence at the same time if you are going to change it. Currently, they are the both a Perk 2. One thing I have not liked about the current mod from the start was how Hunter Killer and Stealth are the same perk slot. In the previous mod, I would use a Silenced Intervention sniper rifle (miss that gun) with Scavenger/Bandolier, Stealth, and Hunter Killer/Iron Lungs. Right now, without a Steady Cam, it takes almost your entire breath to steady the crosshair. I just miss being a stealthy sniper. If I use Hunter Killer now, I die on the first predator missile most of the time if I try to hide out in the open. Steady Cams. Currently we have Steadier Cams. The previous mod had no crosshair sway. An observation I have made with either cams is that using one is a trade off. Hitting targets that aren't moving is fine, but hitting targets moving laterally is nearly impossible. Just an observation. I miss the M1911.45 pistol. The Saritch. When loaded, it is a laser beam with no recoil. I don't mind this gun because it takes longer to reload. That balances it for me, and is the reason I don't use it. My suggestion is to either reduce the crosshair sway of the other assault rifles, or give them all sway or minor bullet spread. The other fully automatic assault rifles are far less accurate, and that is why people don't use them. The M16 and M14 are fine though, but people like to use full autos to spray and pray. I have a suggestion on attachments. In the previous mod, if you used a Grip on a shotgun or LMG, you would lose Perk 1. Our current mod is and was game breaking in allowing you to use all three perks on top of using Grip, at the cost of losing an inventory item. Since a lot of people complain about tubes, clays, SMAWs, etc, how about make it so that if you use any attachment on a gun, you lose your inventory item. In other words, you get an inventory item only when you have no attachments on your weapon. Just a suggestion. Red Dot Sights and ACOG Sights. I feel the current Red Dot Sight "plus sign" is too big and bad for long range (can't see past it), for lack of a better explanation. For both Red Dot Sights and ACOG Sights, I would like to see just a red dot in the center of the scope with no sway. The current ACOG sways too much. This gets back to crosshair sway from earlier. I don't have a problem with the current RC-XDs. I have a problem with Hardwired. Hardwired is overpowered. It gives Eavesdrop, temporary immunity to RC-XDs, immunity to EMP grenades, and denies Counter UAV. Most other perks have much less benefits. I would love to see the Tac Mask have the immunity to EMP grenades instead. Spawn protection after killstreaks. Yes, advancing while invisible is annoying to play against, but I don't think it should be completely removed. Without spawn protection, you'd spawn instantly and die immediately if someone saw you entering your killstreak. My suggestion is that you get sent back to spawn and use your spawn protection from there. At the end of the day, there will always be give and take. I am fine with the current mod, but I am open to see what changes are to come. To the whiners, no one forces you to play here. Mute people if you have to. Video games are becoming so toxic. Be a good sport and say nice shot once in a while instead of FU or BS. People are fiends for their killstreaks and explode at people if they die one kill short of a killstreak. It doesn't bother me if I die. I wasn't meant to have that killstreak at that moment. That is how I think.
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